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DCP Fire Truck

●Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis
●2 Nos. Crew Standard Cabin
●4000kg DCP Tank
●Shooting Range ≥38m
●Dry Powder Monitor ≥12m
●40 m Hose Reel

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Dry chemical powder fire trucks focus on extinguishing fires. Choose domestic or joint venture well-known brand truck chassis, load 4000 or 6000kg dry powder fire extinguishing agent, 1260L nitrogen, 2 nos of 40m hose reels.



Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis

2 Nos. Crew Standard Cabin

4000kg DCP Tank

Shooting Range ≥38m

Dry Powder Monitor ≥12m

40 m Hose Reel




The maximum driving speed ≥90km/h,

The fuel tank 300 liters,

Cat Way Ladder

Top Safe handrail

Dry powder reel

Side Guard

2 nos.Nitrogen Cylinders compartment

Spare tire and carrier

Police Light Siren

Powder monitor

Powder tank

Powder adding platform mounted on top 

Equipments compartment

Control box

Extra Nitrogen Cylinders

Original single-row day cab, and 1+1 crew numbers.

The maximum working pressure of the dry powder tank is 1.4MPa,

Minimum working pressure is 0.5MPa;

The effective spray rate of dry powder gun is ≥35kg/s,

Effective shooting range is ≥38m;

Effective range of the dry powder gun≥12m,

Effective spray rate is 5kg/s;

Two 40m hose reels can be pulled out and sprayed freely;

The rated pressure of the nitrogen bottle is 15MPa,

Total capacity is 14×90L = 1260L, and the charging time is ≤45s.

Mainly use dry powder to fight flammable and flammable liquids, flammable gas fires, fires of live equipment, and fires of general materials. For large-scale chemical plant pipeline fires, the firefighting effect is particularly significant. It is a standing fire truck for petrochemical companies.

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DCP Fire Truck detailed information contact our sales by email

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