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CAFS MAN Fire Fighting Truck

CAFS MAN Fire Fighting Truck

●TGM 18.340 4×2 BB Truck
●Darley EMP2000 Fire Pump
●Darley EMBC20000/220 CAFS
●AKRON BRASS 3480 Fire Monitor
●Water Tank Capaicaty 5000kg
●A Foam 300kg, B Foam 700kg


²  CHASSIS: CSC5170TGM340 CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) Major Fire Truck mounted base on the MAN TGM 18.340 4×2 BB fire vehicle chassis, original 4 doors open, with 6 nos. (include driver) of crew cab. The chassis engine power is 250 kW/340 horsepower, which meets the Euro five emission standards, and the 4×2 drive which is comfortable and light to drive. The chassis is equipped with various braking devices such as ABS anti-lock braking system, APS air handling system and dual-circuit compressed air braking to ensure safe and reliable vehicle operation.


²  TANKER: Built-in water tank and foam tank, Water Tank Volume 5000kg, A-Type Foam Volume 300kg, B-Type Foam Volume 700kg, and the Tank Body is made of material with 304# stainless steel.


²  FIRE PUMP: The vehicle takes power from the chassis, the original turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine, the net power is 250kW, and the American Darley EMP2000 fire pump installed in the rear pump room of the fire truck is driven by a universal coupling, with a rated flow of 7200LPM.


²  CAFS: Equipped imported USA Darley EMBC20000/220 integrated compressed air foam system. The foam pump has abundant functions and good foam effect. The dryness and wetness of each foam outlet can be independent, and one-button independent adjustment, easy to use and operate, and simple to maintain.


²  PROPORTIONER: Equipped with FP2001 full-automatic positive pressure spray foam proportioning mixer; A and B foam conversion system, which can meet the rapid conversion output of A and B foam, simple operation, and has a low liquid level protection function. It can simultaneously achieve water, Class A and Class B foam jet fire extinguishing.


²  FIRE MONITOR: The roof is equipped with AKRON BRASS 3480 electronically controlled water/foam dual-purpose fire monitor with a rated water flow of 7600LPM, a water range of 90m, and a foam range of 65m. It can be rotated by 355° horizontally and -45° to +120° vertically.


²  LIGHTING: In addition, it is equipped with the original imported FIRECO CS360TI lifting light with a height of 7.6m above the ground; and the imported Honda high-performance generator SH11000HA on-board generator with a rated power of 8.5kW. The vehicle can not only extinguish Class A and B fires, but also independently carry out comprehensive rescue and rescue functions such as lifesaving, lighting, and protection. It has the characteristics of high specific power, more crews, strong overall performance, and centralized control.


²  CONSTRUCITON: The main metal frame of the fire truck is constructed from high-quality 20# section steel weldment structure to ensure that the overall frame structure is high in strength, solid and reliable. The internal equipment and accessories compartments, frames are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles to, and the skirt adopts an outturned pedal door. The structure makes it easy to step and get the equipment. The surface uses anodized aluminum alloy sheet with small patterns to cover the surface, corner aluminum edging and other processes to ensure the performance of the equipment box in good looking appearance and light duty.


²  CERTIFICATION: The fire-fighting performance meets the requirements of GB7956.1-2014 “Fire truck Part 1: General technical conditions”; the chassis has passed the China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC); the engine emissions meet the European IV standard. Obtained a copy of China's National Compulsory Product Certification (with 3CF on top) issued by the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security, provided at the time of delivery.


²  CONCLUSION: According to the actual firefighting requires, and operation procedures, the fire truck with a humanized design, anti-corrosion processing, anti-vibration, anti-falling, anti-scratch, anti- rotation, push-pull or pull-out special fixtures to fix all vehicle-mounted equipment, equipment layout is reasonable, compact. The clamping is solid and fixed, the markings are eye-catching, and any equipment can be used in the two actions, which can realize nearby pick-and-put, multi-person operation without interference.

General Specifications



Overall size


Full pay loading  


Tank Material

Quality 304 Stainless steel


Water 5000kg, Type A foam300kg, Type B foam700kg       

Engine power


Max. driving speed


Wheel base

4,425 mm

Emission Class Level

Euro 5

Crew Numbers


Power Ratio


Min. Turning Radius


Min Ground Clearance

Front Axle 236mm, Rear Axle 266mm

Climb Gradeability (tga):


Wading Depth


Fire Pump

USA Darley EMP2000 lower pressure pump, 120L/s@1.0Mpa

Integrated CAFS

CAS220B Air compressor system, 105L/s@0.86Mpa

Fire Monitor

AKRON BRASS 3480,7600L/min, Pressure 1.0MPa, Dual-purpose Water/Foam Electric Remote-Control

Fire Monitor Reach Range

Water ≥90m / Foam ≥65m

Foam Ratio Mixer

FP2001 Fully automatic positive pressure spray foam proportional mixer.

A and B foam automatic conversion system

USA Darley

Lifting Lights

FIRECO CS360TI, Height to ground 7.6m

Power Generator

SH11000HA, rated power 8.5KW

Painting Color


License Bracket

One at the front and the rear license plate lamp has an illuminating function.

Approach/Departure Angle


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