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CAFS SITRAK Fire Fighting Truck

●SITRAK C5H 340 4×2 Truck
●USA Darley KSP1000 Pump
●USA Darley PT01000/150 CAFS
●China PLKD 48 Fire Monitor
●Water Tank Capacity 4700kg
●A Foam 300kg, B Foam 1000kg


CAFS Major Fire Fighting Truck  

Complete with the following:

Model Number: CSC5200GXSTK


SITRAK C5H 340 4×2  

left hand drive, wheelbase 4,500 mm

Engine: MC07.34-50 340hp, Euro 5

Cab: 2+4 crew numbers

Transmission: 12 speed manual

Suspension: Leaf spring

Tire Specification:11.00R20 6+1 nos

Stainless Steel Tank volume as follows:

Water tank 4700kg, volume capacity

Type A-foam 300kg, volume capacity

Type-B foam 1000kg, volume capacity,

USA Darley KSP1000 Fire Pump,

Chengdu Brand PLKD 48 Fire Monitor,

USA Darley PT01000/150 CAFS,

FP2001(USA Darley)Foam Proportioner

English instruction control dashboard/panel,

Complete pipeline system,

Complete Eletric system 24V

Quality painting

Shipping Size 8.45×2.5×3.25m

Cargo Weight 9,800 kg 

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