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Super Heavy Duty Foam Fire Truck(FIRELEPHANT)

●Double cabin truck chassis
●Foam Transit Tank 1000 L
●Fire Pump Capacity 400L/S @1.2MPa
●Fire Monitor 200-400L/S@1.0MPa
●150m Wireless Remote Control
●Boom Lifting Height 10m

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The Super heavy duty foam fire truck(FIRELEPHANT) is functional worked as a foam transit fire truck can be used as a combination or individually.

Super Heavy Duty Foam Fire Truck 1

Super Heavy Duty Foam Fire Truck (without boom)

Super Heavy Duty Foam Fire Truck 4

Super Heavy Duty Foam Fire Truck (with boom)

Super heavy-duty foam fire trucks are specially tailored to deal with heavy petrochemical fires, and their operations serve as a combat surface firefighting task.

Scenario Application:

It is suitable for extinguishing and dispersing toxic gases and diluting strong acid-base liquids in large-scale fire sites such as petrochemicals, large buildings, factories, warehouses, etc.


The conflagration of petrochemical firefighting fire suppression equipment required large flow volume, long shooting range and available in wireless remote control. In actual firefighting operations, the combined work with high and low levels firefighting truck, with a large number of water supply systems and fire suppression agent supply systems, can surround the conflagration point, focus all equipment on one-time stop the fire, and improve the success rate and efficiency of one-time attack afire.

Heavy monitor suppression, firefighting works upper and lower ----- select 400L/s super heavy foam fire truck, under the large flow water supply system, heavy foam liquid transfer truck, with 3 times over large flow saturation suppression of heavy petrochemical fire, change the fire situation.

Super-long-range, remote-controlled operation----Using the 150m-shooting range super-heavy lifting boom fire truck, with twice the range of the high-spray fire truck and 150m wireless remote control technology, implement long-distance safe combat against heavy and large petrochemical fires and seek "zero casualties" "Salvation.

Super-large flow capacity-equipped with large-scale heavy-duty fire pump. The main component of the pump is a super fire pump with a flow rate of 400L/s and a head of 150 meters.

Precise proportion: equipped with positive pressure automatic foam proportion mixer to ensure accurate and stable foam proportion;

Safety performance: Realize safer firefighting operations through remote control technology.

Chassis: Double seat imported or domestic chassis

Foam transition tank capacity: foam 1000 L

Fire pump: flow 400L/S, pressure 1.2MPa

Fire monitor: flow 200-400L/S, range 150m, pressure 1.0MPa

Wireless remote control: 150m

Lifting height (vehicle with boom): 10m

Detailed fire solution project send mail to for more inforamtion.

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