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Breathing Air Supply Rescue Truck

●Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis
●2 Nos Crew Members Day Cab
●120 nos of oxygen cylinders
●Air compressor flow 2000LPM
●4 nos. of air breathers
●AIR COOLER+3° automatic control

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The on-site gas-supplying fire truck mainly provides breathing air for firefighters during firefighting and rescue operations.

Select domestic and international well-known brand chassis, equipped with German L&W company's 4-level high-capacity breathing air compressor and intelligent charging and storage system, German air cooler and air purification system, equipped with 90 or 120 spare cylinder storage racks.



Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis

2 Nos Crew Members Day Cab

120 nos of Breathing Air cylinders

Air compressor flow 2000LPM

4 nos. of air breathers

AIR COOLER+3° automatic control  



Rear mounted cat way ladder

Breathing Air cylinders units

ECC intelligent air storage system

Inflltable explosion proof box

AIR COOLER+3 temperature control system

Cab top mounted police light siren

Pager calling system

LED Lighting system

Air compressor 

Spare ais cylinders


Water proof cable reel

Manufacture original day cab, 1+1 combat crew,

Maximum driving speed ≥90km/h,

Fuel tank capacity 300 liters.

Air supply vehicle can carry 120 nos. of 6.8L spare Breathing Air or 90 nos. of 9L spare Breathing Air cylinder,

4 air breathers, which can be replaced when they arrive at the rescue site;

Equipped with ECC intelligent air charging and storage system, pressure 35MPa,

Air compressor flow 1500-2000L/min,

Breathing Air storage cylinder group capacity 800L, can inflate 8 small oxygen cylinders at the same time, and can guarantee continuous use by 60 firefighters;

Equipped with AIR COOLER+3° automatic air temperature control system, the temperature of the charged air is +3° higher than the temperature, and it can be put into use in time;

Equipped with ECC automatic air quality monitoring system; 4-level filtration and 3 purifications to ensure air quality meets EN12021 standards;

Equipped with a 10kW generator, voltage 220V; 4 1000W lifting lights.

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Air Supply Rescue Truck detailed information contact our sales by email

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