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Earthquake Rescue Fire Truck

●Reliable 6x4 Truck Chassis
●2+4 Nos. Crew Cabin
●Winch Tow Capacity 7 T
●Forklift Capacity 2.5 T

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The new "disaster relief" emergency rescue fire truck is usually suitable for social rescue of various disasters and accidents. It can be quickly mobilized during wartime to improve the ability to deal with war damage, and minimize casualties and property losses.

The earthquake relief team is particularly suitable.

Choose a domestic joint venture, imported well-known brand chassis, imported off-road multi-function rescue fork-lift crane for easy transfer operations, and configure a variety of rescue module boxes according to actual rescue needs.



●Reliable 6x4 Truck Chassis

●2+4 Nos. Crew Cabin

●Winch Towing Capacity 14500lbs

●Forklift Capacity 2500 kg

●Multi Module Box Equipped

●Air Horn in top of cab

●Police light and siren in top of cab

●Rear mounted multifunctional forklift




2+4 Crew Cab;

Maximum driving speed ≥90km/h;

Off-road multi-function rescue fork-lift crane, the maximum lifting weight ≥2500kg, the maximum lifting height ≥3300mm;

Omnidirectional constant speed constant force traction winch ≥14500lbs;

According to the actual needs, we can set up rescue, rescue and rescue equipment and equipment modules and water supply, gas supply and liquid supply for protection, detection, security, lifesaving, demolition, plugging, transmission, decontamination, lighting, smoke exhaust, and evacuation. Waiting for backup equipment and equipment support module.

Earthquake Rescue Fire Truck Specification contact our sales by email

Earthquake Rescue Fire Truck Detailed information contact our sales by email

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