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Integrated Rescue Fire Truck

●Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis
●2+4 Nos. Crew Cabin
●Winch Lift Capacity 12 T
●Crane Lifting Capacity 5T
●CAFS firefighting capacity 100 m2

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"Integrated" rescue vehicles are mainly rescue, supplemented by firefighting; The truck mounted on domestic and international famous brand chassis, equipped with imported lighting system, imported truck boom, imported brand traction winch, equipped with small liquid tank and fine water mist device, the vehicle is flexible and flexible, it is the main rescue tool for large and medium-sized cities.


●Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis

●2+4 Nos. Crew Cabin

●Winch Towing Capacity 12Ton

●Crane Lifting Capacity 5000 kg

●CAFS firefighting capacity 100 m2

●Police Light Siren mounted on top roof of cabin

●Mobile Lighting System mounted on top of body

●Extra super long resuce equipment storage box

●Front mounted towing electric/hydraulic winch

●Multi rescue accessories storage compartment

●Water mist spraying or CAFS firefighting system

●Trailer bracket mounted in rear of truck chassis



Integrated Rescue Fire Truck 3


2+4 Nos. Crew Cabin

Maximum driving speed ≥90km/h,

Climbing ability 25%, passing angle 20°;

Winch capacity ≥12000lbs, maximum capacity (worked with pulley block) 22000 lbs

The maximum lifting moment of truck-mounted crane is ≥ 9.57 T·m, and the maximum lifting mass ≥5080kg;

The trailer bracket can pull the accident car under 7 tons away, and resume road traffic in time;

The fire extinguishing capacity of CAFS is 100m2A, and the fire extinguishing capacity of water mist is 30m2A.

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Integrated Rescue Fire Truck detailed information contact our sales by email

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