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Lighting Truck Rescue Apparatus

●Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis
●3 Nos Crew Members Day Cab
●Super Brightness Lighting Units
●90kW High-power Generator
●Lighting range 100m radius ±35°

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The lighting vehicle is mainly for emergency lighting, supplemented by power generation and power supply.

Choose domestic and international well-known brand chassis, equipped with Italian lighting poles and high-illuminance lighting. This vehicle is mobile and flexible and is the main lighting tool in large and medium cities.




Reliable 4x2 Truck Chassis

3 Nos Crew Members Day Cab

Super Brightness Lighting Units

90kW high-power generator

Lighting range 100m radius ±35°




High brightness lighting system

Super power generator

Aluminum rear cat way ladder

Control system

Police light siren

Crew 2+1; maximum speed ≥90km/h;

The original imported super-high-brightness lighting lamp units an average of 15Lx or more within a 100m radius of ±35° (equivalent to 3 times the national standard for lighting fire trucks)

The power generation and output control system is equipped with a 90kW high-power generator, which can fully meet the needs of rescue site lighting and power supply;

The power generation system is equipped with an intelligent safe operation control system with safety protection functions such as voltage stabilization, overload, overcurrent, short circuit, leakage, lightning protection, and under voltage;

The waterproof and dustproof level of the lighting system is as high as IP65, without internal cleaning.

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Lighting Truck Rescue Apparatus detailed information contact our sales by email

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