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ISUZU 100P Water Tank Fire Truck



 2Ton ISUZU 100P Water Tank Fire Truck

The 2 ton ISUZU 100P water tank fire truck is modified on the original Class II chassis of ISUZU 100P. The liquid load is 2.5 cubic meters. It is equipped with commonly used firefighting equipment. Teams, communities, streets, villages, industrial parks, campuses, enterprises and other places.

Special function description


Flat roof full metal enclosed cab, original king size seats, panoramic curved windshield. Optional new front hood, front bumper, front combination lamp, door and window, under hood.


The use of high-quality carbon steel material (Q235A), welded structure, built-in vertical and horizontal anti-sway plate, after high-tech anti-corrosion treatment. Optional stainless steel material.

Pump Compartment

The central or rear mounted pump, the accessories tank folded type compartment mounted in left and right sides of the pump room, equipped new easy-drawing high-strength aluminum alloy rolling doors.

Accessory Compartments

It adopts the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles produced by the introduction of European technology, and the structure is fully connected. Use aluminum alloy rolling door.

Electric System

The front of the top of the cab with a long row of police lights. The rear of the body is equipped with a 24V / 60W fire scene lighting. The red and blue strobe lights are equipped on the upper sides of the vehicle. There are lighting lamps in the pump room, plus a 100W siren, a rotary warning lamp switch, and a preparation interface for communication equipment.

Production process and details display

ISUZU 100P Fire Truck Chassis

Dedicated chassis

Together, we cooperate with well-known domestic chassis manufacturers, and design according to customer needs, so that our customers can truly appreciate the super function of fire trucks.

Body constructionFire Truck Compartment Body

It is made of high-quality steel, the thickness of the plate is 4mm, and is tested by special instruments. It is durable through high-tech internal and external anti-corrosion treatment.

CB10:20 Fire Pump

Fire pump

When the fire truck is working, the fire pump needs to be pressurized to meet the requirements for water pressure and water volume during firefighting. We use well-known domestic brand fire pumps and have CCC certification.

PS20 Fire Monitor

Fire monitor

The fire cannon is sprayed with water. It is fixed on the roof of the fire truck at a long distance and can be rotated 360 degrees.

Fire Truck Accessories CompartmentsEquipment compartment

Reasonable layout, easy access to equipment, and special fixtures to fix fire equipment. The outer frame of the equipment box is made of high-quality plates, and the interior is made of patterned aluminum plates, which is beautiful, durable and durable.

Isuzu Fire Truck Testing Center

Inspection Center

The professional fire truck inspection center and professional fire truck inspection equipment ensure that every performance of the fire truck meets the standard, and escort the quality of each fire truck.

After-sales service

In order to make you satisfied from purchase, ownership and use of products, the company will provide you with a full range of services.

Training service--Provide free training for all customers who buy our company's products without any charges.

Warranty Commitment—The fire truck chassis is warrantied and serviced by oversea truck chassis service network. The fire package is guaranteed by our company for one year.

Customer regular visits to know the customer's vehicle working situation.

Fire Truck After Sale Service Term

Perfect after-sales service system

The company has a complete after-sales service team. For each vehicle, we arrange a follow-up service to solve the various problems encountered by customers in the vehicle application.

Fire Truck Spare Parts SupplyComplete accessories, worry-free after-sales

Various types, brands and models of fire trucks have complete accessories, and the commissioner is responsible for sending them to ensure that each accessory is sent to users as soon as possible.

Order process

1,Negotiation for Purchase:

Contact our products manager tell your request then we will offer you the model information, select you a suitable truck chassis, price and related requirements by sending email or face to face negotiation in our factory.

2,Agreement Signing:

Both parties sign a vehicle purchase or sale contract and prepay the contract deposit (fax signing contract or face to face signing contract are acceptable).

3,Arrange Production:

Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

4,Vehicle Inspeciton:

The user can personally come to the seller's factory or entrust a third-party inspection agency to check whether the vehicle is manufactured according to the contract and whether the vehicle performance meets the contract.

5,Balance Arise:

The vehicle will be delivered after the inspection and your agreement, on base that the  balance payment  be paid to complete the relevant procedures. The buyer can arrange the shipment to the their shipping port perosnally, or our company can arrange the shipping issue and that base on the both party agree the relevant costs.

6,Document Parcel:

After the vessel which loaded the vehicle is shipped on the sea and the bill of lading is obtained, than we could arrange the invoice , bill of lading ,contract required for the customs clearance of the destination port by DHL or other parcel express , the certificate of origin, and the certification required by the relevant port (fees are separately negotiated).

7,After Sales Starting:

The after service date starting based on the date of bill of lading.


Chassis Model


Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Tank Capacity

2,000 Liters

Fire Pump

CB10/20 ,20L/s,320GPM @1 Mpa

Fire Monitor

PS20 top mounted, Reach 50m


Sandwich type

Valves & Pipeline

Injection Inlet for Water Filling

2 nos.DN100

One-way Valve Inject Inlet

2 nos.DN100

Overflow Device, Ventilation Outlet

1 nos.DN80

Lower Outlet for feeding the pump from tank


Drainage outlet ball valves discharge outlet

2 nos. DN40

Surplus Water Discharge Pipeline

For protect the water pump and valve

Cooling Water Pipeline

For protect P.T.O for normal work

Level Indicator

2 nos.

Inlet Line Sieves

1 nos.

Hose Reel

2 nos. hose reel of diameter 3/4 inch ,length 20m

Variable Nozzle

perpendicular foggy, spray, foam

Nozzle Elevation Angle


Nozzle Depression Angle


Nozzle Flow rate


Chassis Configuration

Product Class

Specific fire engine chassis truck

Application & Operation

Fire engine-Urban

Bodywork Equipment

For mounting rigid fire engine

Drive Mode




Gross Vehicle Weight








4 Nos Vertical in line

Fuel Type


Air Inlet

Turbocharged intercooling


2.771 Liters

Ecological Class Standard


Max Output in kw


Max Output in ps


Max Torque in N.m


Torque at Speed in RPM


Output Power Speed in RPM


Engine Type

Bosch 1600bar Common rail, DOC+POC

Cabin & Steering

Cab Model

ELF 1100P King Size

Cab Style

Crew cab

Passengers Allowed Nos


Seats and Sleeper Line

Seats Line: driver seat and double co-driver seats

Steering Type

Recirculating Ball with Power Assisted, Left hand drive








Forward Speed Nos


Reverse Speed Nos


Max Torque in N.m




Gear Ratios

1st gear 5.594 ~ 5th gear 0.794

Chassis, Suspension & Axles

Chassis Type

Ladder Type

Chassis Width

840 mm

Sectional Modular



Semi-elliptical, Alloy Steel Leaf Spring, Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber, Anti-roll Bar, 8pcs

Front Axle Type

2.5T Reverse Elliot "I" Beam

Front Axle Rating



Semi-elliptical, Alloy Steel Leaf Spring 6+5pcs

Rear Axle Type

5T Banjo, Full Floating Type

Rear Axle Rating


Rear Axle Ratio


Wheels & Brake


7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR


6+1 spare tire


Front & Rear Drum, Air Over Hydraulic, Brake Auto Adjuster

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) for option


Spring Brake Actuators Acting on Rear Wheels


Exhaust Brake, Hill-Start-Aid (HSA)





Recirculating Ball with Power Assisted, Left hand drive  

Air Conditioning



 ISUZU 100P 4×2 Truck Chassis

 CB10/20, 1200LPM Fire Pump

 PS20 Top Mounted Monitor

 Water Volume 12,000Liters

 ISUZU 4JB1 98ps Engine

 Emission Class Euro 4


Famous chassis brand

Low Oil Consumption With Strong Horse Power

Fire Truck Chassis Constitute Cab, Engine, Gear Box, Steering Wheel,Beam,Tyre,Axles,Etc.

Fire Truck Upper Body With Water/Foam Tank, Fire Pump,Fire Monitor,Pipe,Etc.

Fire Truck With Water Fire Fighting Tank And Foam Fire Fighting Tank .Or Water Fire Fighting Tank.

Fire Truck With Fire Pump Is Normal Pressure Or Middle-Low Pressure, Made In China Or Imported.

Fire Truck With Fire Monitor Is Controlled By Manual Or Electric.

Fire Truck Capacity : 2000L- 25000L

Fire Truck Drive Type: 4x2,4x4,6x4, 6x6, 8x4

Fire Truck Tank Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PE.

Fire Truck Hand Drive Type:  Left Hand Drive , Right Hand Drive


1. We are a group company with one year’s quality guarantee.
2. We have advanced technology and equipment’s, mature experience.
3. We are leading manufacturer in China, the price of our trucks are competitive.
4. We have modern management system, the delivery time are on time.
5. We exports many trucks over the world. We have professional sales team.


Quality Inspection:

Before truck delivery, we can supply inspection certificate issued by 3rd party, such as BV, Intertek, ASME, etc.

Spare Parts

    1. Supplying quick-wearing parts at the truck delivery.

    2. Good quality parts produced by the truck manufacturing factory.

    3. Only charge cost price for customer convenience.


   One year's free warranty for major 3 components, including Engine, Gearbox, Axles.

After Sales Service

   Email & Phone call tracking for each truck on timely manners, also possible engineer maintenance in customer's Country.

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