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SITRAK Foam Unit Fire Truck

● Tanker Water 8T, Foam 4T
● SITRAK 6×4 Fire Chassis
● HALE 6000LPM Fire Pump
● AKRON 4800LPM Monitor
● SINOTRUK 440ps Engine
● Emission Class Euro 5

SITRAK Foam Unit Fire Truck

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SITRAK Water Foam  Unit Fire Truck

Firefighting truck system with the advantages of long range, large flow rate, and large fire depression strength.

Equipped with the chassis truck manufacturer’s crew cabin. The cabin provide seating for a driver plus one crew member and an additional crew of 3 to 4 seated in a separate crew compartment. The fire truck is comfortable and light weight. The body constructed with external style water and foam tank with a water tank volume of 8000kg, foam of 4000kg, the tank fabricated from SUS304 plate sheet. Framework made out of the high-quality carbon steel 2.5mm thickness, folding tank storage, right side compartment top under tank, and suction hose storage, left side compartment top under tank, compartments are all equipped a roll-up door.


Full power take off (PTO)

The fire pump are powered by a PTO which take the power off from truck engine directly and fully power with 440ps, propulsion by a shaft 

HALE Rear Mounted Pump (HALE)

PTO connect the HALE rear mounted fire pump.The pump flow rated capacity with 6000lpm @ 10 bar.

Top Mounted Monitor (AKRON)

Top mounted AKRON StreamMaster automatic firefighting monitor(water cannon) up to 4800lpm at 10bar pressure, max. working pressure at 13bar, water discharging distance with 75m and foam discharging 70m, it could be 360° moved. 


● Best ( not one of )fire truck chassis in China

● Long extended cab length 4-doors, 6 seats , Lights at opening the doors

● Standard safety features ABS brakes

● Reinforced rivet chassis frame hydraulic shock absorber

● Auto adjustable air brake with power assistance

● Framework , Outside covered skin made out of the high-quality carbon steel

● Shelves, space to store and fasten needed equipment

● Sandwich PTO mounted between transmission and engine

● Enclosed pump module with aluminum sliding doors

● Top walking way, manhole for filling and regular inspection

● Baffles with water wave inhibitors, Internal and external reinforcement webs

● Folding Tank storage, right side compartment top under tank

● Suction hose storage, left side compartment top under tank

● Electronic Siren speaker, LED Scene Light Package, LED Warning Light Package

● Diamond Grade pattern striping

● Dual side intermediate pump operator’s panel

● Rear mounted HALE 6000LPM at 10 bar fire fighting pump

● Top mounted fire monitor up to 4800LPM with auto controls for water and foam

● Manually operated rear discharging valve

● Complete automatic foam proportioner automatic adjustment.

● Variable nozzle perpendicular foggy, spray, foam 

● Speed regulator located in the cabin either manually or electrically

Manufacturer Specification

Fire Package



Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Tare Weight


Water Volume


Foam Volume


Engine Horse Power

327kw, 440ps

Max. Driving Speed


Emission Standard

Euro 5

Crew Nos


Top Monitor Flow Rate

4,800 lpm @10 bar

Foam Discharging Distance

≥ 70m @10 bar

Water Discharging Distance

≥ 75m @10 bar

Monitor Move Vertically

-40° ~ +90°

Monitor Move Horizontally


Foam Proportioner

Complete automatic adjustment

Approach Angle

≥ 16°

Departure Angle

≥ 13°

Control Panel Position

Upside mounted on the pump

Vacuum Gauge

-1 ~ 10 bar

Pressure Gauge

0~ 16 bar

Unit Rating

11.3 kw/t

Fire Pump Model

Prima P2

Fire Pump Make


Fire Pump Type

Centrifugal Pump

Fire Pump Flow Rate

6,000 lpm

Fire Pump Work Pressure

10 bar

Fire Pump Position

Rear mounted

Valves & Pipeline

Injection Inlet for Water Filling

2 nos.DN80

One-way Valve Inject Inlet

2 nos.DN80

Overflow Device, Ventilation Outlet

1 nos.DN50

Lower Outlet for feeding the pump from tank


Drainage outlet ball valves discharge outlet

2 nos. DN40

Surplus Water Discharge Pipeline

For protect the water pump and valve

Cooling Water Pipeline

For protect P.T.O for normal work

Level Indicator

2 nos.

Inlet Line Sieves

1 nos.

Hose Reel

2 nos. hose reel of diameter 3/4 inch ,length 20m

Variable Nozzle

perpendicular foggy, spray, foam

Nozzle Elevation Angle


Nozzle Depression Angle


Nozzle Flow rate


Chassis Configuration

Product Class

Specific fire engine chassis truck

Application & Operation

Fire engine-Urban

Bodywork Equipment

For mounting rigid fire engine

Drive Mode



4235mm + 1350mm

Gross Vehicle Weight


Chassis Width


Chassis Length


Under-axle Clearance






6 Nos Vertical in line


Diesel, 4-cycle, water cooled , 4 stroke

Combustion System

Direct injection

Air Intake System

Supercharged inter cooler

Fuel Injection System

High pressure common rail

Bore × Stroke

120 × 155 mm


10.518 L

Compression Ratio


Net Power Rating

324kw (440ps)

Rated Speed

1900 rpm

Max. Torque

2100 N.m

Speed at Max. Torque

1,000-1,400 rpm

Idle Speed

550 rpm

Min. Specific Fuel Consumption

≤ 185 g/kw.

Net Weight

985 kg

Emission Standard

Euro 5 SCR

Fuel Tank Volume

300l( aluminum)

AdBlue/SCR Tank Volume

35l (plastic)

Cabin & Steering

Cab Style

G7-S , Crew cab

Passengers Allowed Nos


Seats And Sleeper Line

Seats Line: driver seat and double co-driver seats

Air Conditioning


Cab Color

Red RAL 300

Steering Make


Steering System


Steering Wheel Position

Left hand

Adjustable Steering Wheel


Steering Type

Recirculating Ball with Power Assisted, Left hand drive

Gearbox & Clutch


ZF/16S2230 TO



Forward Speed Nos


Reverse Speed Nos


Max Torque

2200 N.m



Gear Ratios

1st 13.8, 2nd 11.54, 3rd 9.49, 4th 7.93, 5th 6.53, 6th 4.57, 7th 4.57, 8th 3.82, 9th 3.02, 10th 2.53, 11th 2.08, 13th 1.43, 14th 1.2, 15th 1, 16th 0.84, R1 12.92, R2 10.8


Dry Single Plate with Cushioning Spring, Hydraulic Control with Air Assisted

Chassis, Axles & Suspension

Chassis Type, Width & Frame Section

Ladder /840mm/300×80×8mm

Front Axle Type

VPD95D Steering Front Axle (Non-driving)

Front Axle Rating

9500 Kg

Rear Axle Type

MCY13 Series Disc Single Reduction Driving Axle

Rear Axle Rating

13,000 Kg ×2 nos

Rear Axle Ratio


Front Suspension

Semi-elliptical, Alloy Steel Leaf Spring, Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber, Anti-roll Bar, 4pcs

Rear Suspension

Semi-elliptical, Alloy Steel Leaf Spring 5pcs


Wheels & Brake

Wheels Size/Nos.

Rear 315/80R22.5,front 385/65R22.5


Front & Rear Drum, Air Over Hydraulic, Brake Auto Adjuster


Spring Brake Actuators Acting on all Wheels


Exhaust Brake



SITRAK Foam Unit Fire Truck

Fire Truck Controls

Firefighting Truck Accessories

Fire Truck Accessories

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Fire Truck Types

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