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24 Ton Water Fire Truck

●24 Ton Water Tank Capacity
●Local CB10/80 Fire Pump
●Local PS70 Fire Monitor
●Shipping Size 11.85x2.5x3.59m




Howo 24 Ton Water Fire Truck is mounted on a special vehicle chassis, composed of tank bodies, water pumps, pipelines, instrument circuit systems and other components. The single-row cab can accommodate 2 people. The vehicle is equipped with a folding aluminum alloy rear ladder (removable), the pump room is at the rear of the vehicle, and the tank body is a steel plate welded exposed tank. The water tank is 25000 Liters volume. The water tank is made of high-quality carbon steel plate. The inside of the tank is sprayed with epoxy primer and epoxy asphalt paint. The fire truck is equipped with a CB10/80 rear fire pump and a PS70 fire monitor on the roof.




24 Ton Water Tank Capacity

Local CB10/80 Fire Pump

Local PS70 Fire Monitor

Shipping Size 11.85x2.5x3.59m



1. Special Chassis

Special Chassis

Powerful cooperated with well-known chassis manufacturers in China, accords to customers different need, selecting more suitable chassis for mounting fire package, short produce time, lower cost, that customers use the least funds to buy their own ideal fire truck.


2. Body Construction

Body Construction

The body is made of high-quality carbon steel (or according to customer needs). The standard thick of the side plate is 3 mm and the thickness of the bottom plate 4mm.The body constructed flat and smooth, brighter in the paint effect, more beautiful and vitality.


3. Fire Pump

Fire Pump

The main body of this fire pump built in high strength low-density aluminum alloy material and it‘s modularly cast. Compared with other materials, it is lighter, more corrosion-resistant and durable. Low  water resistance, and high transfer efficiency. Improve the performance greater flow, and water pressure is higher.


4. Fire Monitor

Fire Monitor

Used for spraying water, foam, mounted on the top roof for long-distance spraying. The monitor is equipped with pressure gauge, it can measure nozzle pressure in real time. The monitor’s body can rotate 360 degrees, with a large depression angle, large elevation angle, large injection range. Special device can realize directional unmanned injection. The nozzle flow can realize the water column and bloom in different works. It can meet customers' multiple usage needs.

5. Equipment Cabinet

Equipment Cabinet

All equipment is fixed with special fixtures, which are reasonable in layout and easy to access. The fixture equipment cabinet made of high-quality checked plate pattern board skin, which is anti-rust, beautiful & durable.



Water Inlet Suction Hose

Water Inlet Filter

Water Outlet Manifold

Water Pipe/Suction Hose Collector/Water Segregator

Adaptor / Caps

Suction Hose Caps 150mm,125mm and 100mm

Hose Hoister

Hose Gaiter

Suction Hose Spanner

Stream Nozzle

Stream Shut-off Nozzle

Stream Multi-jet Squirt

Hose Connector Wrench

Overground Hydrant Wrench

Hose Ramp

Fire Axe / Outdoor Axe


Tool Kits

Crowbar/Crooked Chisel

Shovels / Fire Shovels

Pickaxe / Fire Picks

Rubber Mallet

Climb Ladder

Fire equipment




Model Line

HOWO T5G 8x4



Engine Model


Engine Horse Power



1800+4600+1350 mm

Overall Size

11850 x 2500 x 3590 mm

Total Tank Volume

24000 Liters

Water Tank Capacity

24000 Liters

Foam Tank Capacity

Water Pump


Fire Monitor



Sandwich type

Hose Reel

30 m length medium pressure hose reel with nozzle

Control Panel

English language control panel

Alarm Lights

Rear fitted with 2 nos. of alarm lights

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