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3000 Liters Water Tender

●DONGFENG 4x2 Truck Chassis
●2000LWater Tank Capacity
●CB10/20 Fire Pump 1200LPM
●PS20 Fire Monitor Range ≥45M
●Shipping Size 6.26x1.9x2.75m
●(40HC Container loading available)

Fire truck dealers/ distributors/ end users who have special requirements for fire trucks, please mail to your detailed requirement. We can design and refit for users' orders, and can install preheating and heat preservation devices, direction boosters, air conditioning and other accessories.



Dongfeng REALING 3000 Liters Water Tender, built from Dongfeng original special chassis, with a liquid capacity of 3 cubic meters, equipped with CB10/20 type fire pump, PS20 type fire monitor, and equipped with common firefighting equipment, with strong power and mobility With good performance, convenient operation and long range, it is suitable for fire brigades, full-time teams, communities, streets, villages, industrial parks, campuses, enterprises, scenic spots, museums and other places.

3000 Liters Water Tender

CSCTRUCK is a fire truck manufacturers specialize in the production and refitted various kind of fire tender based on Dongfeng 2 ton fire engine, JMC 2 ton fire tender, Isuzu 3 ton fire apparatus, Dongfeng Dollicar 4 ton firefighting vehicle, Dongfeng 3.5 ton fire rescue truck, Dongfeng Kingrun 6 ton fire brigade vehicle, Isuzu 6-ton red fire truck, Howo 8-ton fire engine vehicle, with fire agent with dry powder fire truck, Class A foam fire trucks, rescue fire trucks, foam fire trucks and CAFS fire engine, etc.



DONGFENG 4x2 Truck Chassis

2000LWater Tank Capacity

CB10/20 Fire Pump 1200LPM

PS20 Fire Monitor Range ≥45M

Shipping Size 6.26x1.9x2.75m

(Container loading available)




Flat-cab over full metal enclosed cabin, double-row crew cab, panoramic curved windshield. Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, doors and windows, front wall under cover.

3000 Liters Water Tender  6

Water Tank

Using high-quality carbon steel material, welded structure, equipped with vertical and horizontal anti-sway plates, high-tech anti-corrosion treatment. Stainless steel materials can be used.


Water fire truck Body Compartment


Pump Cabinet

The fire pump could be mounted on position middle or rear of the truck. There are new easy-pull high-strength aluminum alloy rolling doors on the left and right sides of the pump room and the equipment cabinets.

Fire Truck Accessories

Equipment Compartment

It is manufactured by adopting the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles produced by the introduction of European technology, and has a complete connection structure.

Fire Truck Equipment Cabinet

Electrical System

The front of the cab is a long row of warning lights, the rear of the body is equipped with a 24V, 60W fire field light, the upper part of the vehicle is equipped with red and blue matching flashing lights, and safety signs are installed below. The passenger compartment, The equipment box and pump room are equipped with lighting lamps, 100W alarms, rotating warning light switches, and communication equipment preparation interfaces are installed.


Test Centre

Standard workshop: The standardized smart factory has a fire truck testing center, which is particularly important to test the performance of the fire truck's hydraulic system. In order to ensure the quality of the fire truck, the establishment of a continuous running inspection system for the fire truck is an important guarantee for improving the quality of the fire truck. The hydraulic performance test system of the fire truck includes the 7-meter suction depth test of the fire pump, the maximum vacuum and tightness test, the continuous operation test of the fire pump, and the data of each detection point of the overload operation test for real-time recording, archiving and printing.

Fire Truck Test

Firefighting Equipment

Air foam nozzle/gun, water nozzle/gun, fire truck suction pipe, water filter, water divider, fire hose, hose hook, hose cover cloth, adaptors, connectors, DC water gun, fire hydrant joint, Stream Water gun, DC switch water gun, fire pick, ground hydrant wrench, suction pipe wrench, over-cross hose bridge, portioner pipette, long axe, firefighting axe, shovel, crowbar etc..

Emergency Equipment

Extension ladder, bamboo ladder (truck top fixed), motorized chain saw, hydraulic expansion clamp, portable universal cutter, climber, lifting air cushion, pneumatic rescue tool, gas cutter, axe, pickaxe, pliers, Spade etc.

Fire equipment

Safety Protective Equipment:

Fire helmets, firefighting clothing, fire gloves and boots, fire safety belts and safety hooks, breathing protection equipment, built-in heavy chemical protective clothing, enclosed chemical protective clothing, fire and chemical protective clothing, military chemical and nuclear protection Clothing, simple chemical protective clothing, fire protection clothing, mobile air supply, dual-cylinder respirator, multi-purpose canister, chemical protective gloves, electrical insulating gloves, cut-resistant gloves, high-temperature gloves, chemical-resistant safety boots.

Fire Truck Controls




Model Line




Engine Model


Engine Horse Power



3308 mm

Overall Size

6260 x 1900 x2750 mm

Total Tank Volume

3000 Liters

Water Tank Capacity

3000 Liters

Foam Tank Capacity

Water Pump


Pump Capacity

1200LPM @ 1Mpa

Fire Monitor


Fire Monitor Range



Sandwich type

Hose Reel

30 m length medium pressure hose reel with nozzle

Control Panel

English language control panel

Alarm Lights

Rear fitted with 2 nos. of alarm lights

Fire truck dealers/ distributors/ end users who have special requirements for fire trucks, please mail to your detailed requirement. We can design and refit for users' orders, and can install preheating and heat preservation devices, direction boosters, air conditioning and other accessories.

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