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8 CBM Water Fire Truck

●Dongfeng CLASSIC 4x2 Truck
●8000 L Water Tank Volume
●CB10/40 Fire Pump 2400LPM
●PS48 Fire Monitor Reach ≥55m
●Dongfeng Cumming 190hp Engine



CSCTRUCK specializes in refitting and selling Dongfeng fire truck. Fire trucks are also known as fire engines and fire apparatus. The special part is composed of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, pipeline system, electrical system, etc. It is widely used in urban public security fire brigade, petrochemical industry, factories and mines. Enterprises, forests, ports, docks and other departments can quickly approach the fire site to start firefighting and put out various fires. It is an ideal firefighting equipment.

8 Ton Water Fire Truck

The streamlined design of the complete fire truck has a good appearance, maneuverability and flexibility, economical and practical. The partition materials of the internal equipment rack are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are beautiful and generous. All kinds of equipment are placed reasonably and fixed with special fixtures.

The fire truck adopts a double-row integral structure with a wide field of vision and a large number of passengers, which can seat 6-8 people; the fire truck can extinguish fires while on the move, with a long range and strong fighting power. Optional normal pressure fire pump, medium and low pressure fire pump, high and low pressure fire pump.

Users who have special requirements for fire trucks, please call our company. We can design and modify for users' orders, and can install preheating and heat preservation devices, direction boosters, air conditioning and other accessories.


Dongfeng CLASSIC 4x2 Truck

8000 Liters Water Tank Volume

CB10/40 Fire Pump 2400LPM

PS48 Fire Monitor Reach ≥55m

●Dongfeng Cumming 190hp Engine





8 Ton Water Fire Truck  5Flat-roof full-metal enclosed, double-row cab, panoramic curved windshield.

Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, doors and windows, front wall under cover.


The tank body of all fire truck built with 3~5mm thick high-quality Q235A carbon steel.

Welded structure, equipped with vertical and horizontal anti-oscillation plates, and high-tech anti-corrosion treatment.

With epoxy resin paint for corrosion protection.

Optional stainless steel material.

Fire Truck Body Compartments


All pipe joints and ball valves are made of stainless steel or brass, which is anticorrosive and has a long service life.

Pump & Pump Cabinet

Mid-mounted or rear-mounted pumps,

Easy-pull high-strength aluminum alloy rolling doors on the left and right sides of the pump room

Both fire pumps and fire monitors are domestic well-known brands. They have passed the fire protection "3C", with good performance and quality.

The operating system is located in the pump room at the rear of the fire truck, which is easy to operate.

It is manufactured by adopting the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles.

CB10_40 Fire Pump

Equipment Compartment

European technology,

Fully connected structure.

Using aluminum alloy rolling door.


Full length warning lights at the top of the cab,

24V/60W fire field light is equipped behind the body.

Dual sides of the vehicle is equipped with red and blue flashing lights.

Safety signs are installed below.

Crew cab, equipment compartment, pump cabinet all equipped with lighting lamps,

100W alarms, rotating warning light switches, and communication equipment preparation interfaces.


The price/performance ratio is the most competitive in the industry.


Fire equipmentAccessories




Model Line

Dongfeng CLASSIC



Engine Model

B190 33

Engine Horse Power




Total Tank Volume

8000 Liters

Water Tank Capacity

8000 Liters

Foam Tank Capacity

Water Pump

CB10/40 medium/low pressure fire pump

Pump Capacity

2400LPM @ 1.0Mpa

Fire Monitor


Water Reach



Sandwich type


10.00-20 , 6+1 nos tire

Overall Size

8235 x 2500 x 3450 mm

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