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16CBM Rear Loaders Trash Lorry

Equipment 1 A/C
Equipment 2 air main seat
Equipment 3 Electric windows
Equipment 4 180Ah free maintenance battery
Equipment 5 radio with USB


16CBM Rear Loaders Trash Lorry

Technical Specifications

Description: The CSCTRUCK high-performance garbage compactor truck is a garbage compression vehicle with high compression rate, large loading capacity, fast operation efficiency, and low noise. Garbage thrown into the hopper is first crushed by the press plate and then compressed and compacted by the ejection plate inside the body. Collected garbage can be easily discharged from the body by operation of the ejection plate. The refuse compactor can comprehensively solve the common problems such as small capacity, small compression force, and low operating efficiency of compression vehicles. The advanced level of features for loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet clients’ need. CSCTRUCK has developed over decades of experience for truck manufacturing.


  image001 1: chassis
2: box body
3: discharging mechanism
4: hopper
5: lift mechanism
6: compression mechanism
7: flex mechanism
8: charger mechanism
9: hydraulic system

Parts of Structure/Components


Garbage compactor Parameters

1) General

Truck ModelCSC5180ZYSD6
Driving Type 4*2, Left hand drive
Capacity15 m3/CBM
Chassis TruckSHACMANH3000
Overall Size(mm)6945×2490×3300
Curb weight(kg)9500
Oil Tank capacity400L , made in aluminum material 
Max. speed (km/h)95
2)EngineMake/Model :CUMMINS  ISME345 30,     
Cylinder No.:6 cylinders inline
Max. Output Power:254kW (345hp)@1900rpm
Torque:1710N.m @ 1000-1200rpm
Type:Diesel, supercharged and intercooled(turbocharged),direct   injection, electronic control
Compression Ratio :16.2 : 1
NormEuro III
3)TransmissionMake/Model :FAST/FAST16JSD220T
Gear Numbers:16-forwards, 2-reverses, 
Ratio14.03, 11.64, 9.6, 7.97, 6.64, 5.51, 4.55, 3.78, 3.08, 2.56, 2.11,   1.75, 1.46, 1.21, 1, 0.83, R1: 13.42, R2: 11.13
Synchronizer :Yes
Input power380kw
Input torque :2200N.m
4) Clutch Clutch DiameterΦ430 mm
5) SuspensionFrontSemi-elliptic leaf springs with shock absorbers
RearSemi-elliptic leaf springs
6) Front AxleTypeSteering axle
Rated Axle Loading7500kg
MakeHANDE (MAN technology)
Spring center distance 850-880 mm
Toe-in8″± 2″
King-pin inclination angle
King-pin caster angle
Camber angle
Brake size:(drum brake)Φ410*160
Brake chamber(in)20″, 24″(diaphragm brake chamber)
Brake torque31500N.m
Axle weight460kg
7)Rear AxleTypedouble reduction driven axle
Number2 (two)
Rated Axle Loading2*13000kg
MakeHANDE (MAN technology)
Track 1800/1860mm
Spring center distance960/1040mm
Section size 150*130*16mm
Input/output flangeΦ180(serration)
Max. input torqueF.R.axle:25560  23540  19620    17170  14220  12260    10300
R.R.axle:18110  16680    13730  11770  9320      8290     7360
Gear ratio4.42 , 4.80 , 5.73    ,6.72  ,7.49  ,8.40 , 9.49
Brake size:(drum brake)Φ410*220mm
Brake chamber(in)20″/24″
Axle weightF.R.axle:870kg  
8) Brake Running brakeDual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brakeRear wheel spring power brake
Assistant brakeExhaust braking  JACOB
BrandDOUBLEHAPPINESS or equivalent
Load index154/151;156/151
Max. Pressure830/830;850/850Kpa
Ply layers18/20
Number6+1pcs spare tire with spare tire carrier
For roadSuitable for expressways, ordinary highways and urban highways.
10) Cabin assembly Model/MakeH3000/SHACMAN
TypeStandard cab, One sleeping bed, four-point suspension,
Equipment 1A/C
Equipment 2air main seat
Equipment 3Electric windows
Equipment 4180Ah free maintenance battery, 
Equipment 5radio with USB
11) Garbage Compactor Body   StructureGarbage container volume 15CBM
Hopper materialQ345steel plate
Tensile strength:375-460Mpa
Yield Strength:235 Mpa
Remark:S235JR,tensile   strength:360-510 Mpa
Yield   Strength:235Mpa,Elongation 24mm
Thickness of Box floor5 mm
Thickness of  Container walls4 mm
Thickness of Top of the   Container4 mm
Compression ratio:up to 1/5
Feeding cycle time≤25s
Unloading cycle time≤45s
PLC brandCAN
Hydraulic cylinder control wayManual mechanical control and Electrical auto control
Unloading cylinder1set Control push shovel’s push off and retraction
Lifting cylinder2sets Control recompression’s lifting and down
Up & down cylinder2sets Control slider’s moving up and down
Scraper cylinder2sets Control scraper’s retraction and strengthen
Hopper cylinder2ets control hopper’s open and close
Safety valveEquipped on tailgate to prevent sudden fall during maintenance
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