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3 Tips to Buy Suitable Wrecker Truck

3 Tips to Buy Suitable Wrecker Truck

Jun 23, 2020

3 Tips to Buy a Right and Suitable Wrecker Truck

The optional product is not cheap or expensive is the exclusive choice. To the wrecker, which is suitable for using in the automotive plant and transport sectors.

1. According to the requirements of the wrecker operations, then determine the classification type of wrecker Wrecker’s configuration requirements are not the same.

The same highway, and removed the operating environment. Some sections of the medium truck and coach traffic is heavy, while others are more medium and heavy trucks. In this regard, the configuration of the wrecker should be different, the former should be heavy-duty wrecker and multi-configuration with the device able to remove the buses, the latter should be configured ultra-heavy-duty wrecker.

The same is the city traffic police department, some places need to clear the illegal motorcycle more and more, some need to clear the illegal car. The former should be configured with a motorized lift platform wrecker, which should be configured fixture wrecker.

2. Technical parameters and Specification Maximum lift the weight and Max pulling weight, according to the provisions of the new standard wrecker.

Important technical parameters to measure the wrecker operating ability.

Quality of care led wrecker shall not exceed the maximum design quality of its chassis. Maximum lifts quality, refer to a corbel effective length of the minimum wrecker rated the quality of lifts required to meet the wrecker in the state of care led front axle shaft load is not less than 15% of the rear axle of the maximum total mass axle load shall not exceed the permissible load of 20% no-load, front axle load shall not exceed its allowable load. wrecker lifted the quality and care to pull the quality ratio of not less than 20% Under these provisions, identify the manufacturers of the Qing the technical parameters are marked by impaired car real and meets wrecker standards.

3. Optional wrecker parts configuration list

It means that the user can choose to buy some parts to replace the original standard accessories, specification configuration the Dongfeng wrecker normally within a certain range to complete the configuration of the wrecker operating requirements; the optional configuration. Or another to buy some parts to expand the scope of the operation of the wrecker truck. Import parts and domestic parts for optional hydraulic system; optional operating wheels or some other operating accessories to enhance job functions.