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5 Points Using the Wrecker Truck

5 Points Using the Wrecker Truck

Jun 21, 2020

1, Make sure that the wrecker truck power take off is separated in driving situation, properly pull the vehicle in slow speed . Keep the Hydraulic oil is clean, reliable quality, regular replacement cannot be mixed.

2, Keep the pressure of the hydraulic system rated pressure difference to the range of 10%, otherwise it will affect the hydraulic system work properly.

3, always check the hydraulic system for leakage. If the hydraulic system longer time work, or continuous operation in high ambient temperatures, be sure to pay attention to the hydraulic oil temperature must not exceed 60 degree.

4, Check the main bolt, pin positioning bolts solid regularly

5, When winch operation, its wire rope cannot less than five laps in the case of wire rope loader, cannot touch the winch clutch control device.