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5 Tips for You to Know Dump Trucks

5 Tips for You to Know Dump Trucks

Dec 26, 2019

Dump truck structure

Mainly by the hydraulic dump trucks dump bodies, cars, and its annexes constitute the frame. One hydraulic tipping bodies and the structure of the various modified tipper manufacturers vary, the following cars and lifting mechanism according to two aspects of the type of tipper trucks structure.

Mining Dump Truck

A dumper type

Compartment by use of a different type of guitar body can be broadly divided into: general rectangular compartments, and mining bucket compartment (see below).


Ordinary rectangular compartments for bulk cargo transportation. Then board equipped with automatic opening and closing agencies, to ensure the smooth unloading of goods. Ordinary rectangular compartment thickness as follows: the front panel 4 to 6, side panels 4 to 8, after the board 5 ~ 8, bottom 6 to 12. For example: CSC 16CBM dump truck card Truck ordinary rectangular compartment standard thickness as follows: four at the end of the first 4 side 8 after 5.


dumper manufacturers supplier Mine bucket compartment is applicable to a larger size to large stones and other cargo. Taking into account the impact and touch the goods, buildings, mining bucket shape the design of heavy truck is more complex material thicker. For example: CSC Volvo,isuzu ,benz dump truck mining bucket compartment standard thickness as follows: first 6 edge 6 at the end of 10, and some models of some angle iron welded on the bottom in order to increase the stiffness and impact resistance compartment.


Ordinary Cargo box

Mine cargo box

2 lifting body type

Mack Dump truck lifting mechanism is the core of the primary indicators determine strengths and weaknesses dump truck.


Lifting mechanism of the type of the current domestic common are: F-type tripod zoom lifting mechanism, T-style tripod zoom lifting mechanism, cylinder lift, the former top-lift and double rollover, as shown below.


Tripod zoom-type lifting mechanism is currently the most commonly used means of a lift suitable for 8 ~ 40 tons of payload, then the train the length of 4.4 ~ 6 meters. Benefits for the structure of mature, stable lifting and low cost; disadvantages with the main frame on the floor inside the closed height of a larger plane.


Lift cylinder form mostly used in the 6X4 dump truck on the bridge in front of each side of the second installation of more than one stage cylinder (normally 3 ~ 4), hydraulic cylinder direct effect on the fulcrum on the floor in the compartment. The advantages of lift-cylinder diesel truck with the main frame on the bottom of the closed height of the smaller plane; drawback is that the hydraulic system difficult to ensure synchronization of two hydraulic cylinders, held steady with poor hygiene, the overall stiffness of the HOWO 25 T floor demanding.


Way before the top lift of simple structure, the main frame on the floor inside the closed plane height can be very small, tipper hire stability, hydraulic system pressure was less, but 3 axle dump trailer at most grade-cylinder stroke large, very high cost.


Double-sided roll hydraulic cylinder force is better, smaller stroke can be realized double-sided roll; but more complex hydraulic pipes, give health a higher rate of rollover accidents.


Tipper Truck Selection

As the dump truck's development and the improvement of domestic purchasing power, dump truck is not in the traditional sense of what the living can be dry universal dump truck, from the design point of view is different goods, different conditions in different regions develop in different products. This requires the user to purchase a dump trucks for sale manufacturers to provide specific usage.


1 dumper truck Chassis


In selecting the chassis, generally are based on cost-effective to consider, such as: the price of the tipper van chassis, loading quality, overload capacity, 100 kilometers fuel consumption, road maintenance and so on. In addition, the user must also consider the following chassis parameters:

heavy truck chassis frame on the flat terrain clearance. General 6x4 chassis frame on the flat terrain clearance for the 1050 ~ 1200. The higher the value the greater the vehicle center of gravity, the more easily lead to overturn. The main factors affecting the value is the tire diameter, suspension layout and the main frame section height.

dump truck parts chassis rear overhang. This value had much effect on the stability of dump truck to cite health, resulting in roll-over accident to cite health. This value is usually in the 500-1100 range (except for rollover used dump truck ).

dump truck capacity matching rational and reliable.


2 upload

Currently converted dump truck manufacturers was mixed, select the dump truck manufacturers over the selection of choice products are equally important. In addition to look at products, but also understand the ability of equipment manufacturers, dump truck upload the design, process and equipment is mature and after-sales service commitment, whether it can buy accessories, etc.