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8 Notes for Sewage Suction Truck

8 Notes for Sewage Suction Truck

Nov 15, 2019

8 Notes for Sewage Suction Truck

Suction sewage truck in the course need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to use, the chassis and other parts of the chassis by Dongfeng factory warranty manual to go Paul. In addition, use of suction sewage truck must not be allowed to follow eight principles to ensure the normal operation and service life of vehicles.

1.To maintain the appropriate speed vacuum pump, vacuum pump speed is too high, the rotor may have a fever increased, the speed is too low, causing the engine knock, components cause additional impact, affect the life, the appropriate operating speed, the maximum pre-adjusted throttle position adjustment .

2.Suction sewage truck on the road without turning cans of Tanzania and the like cannot just turn a steep road will have distorted the parts malfunction and may lead to a rollover accident.

3.Suction sewage truck turn opened doors and windows when the first tank, before dumping cylinder should be turned after the doors open the cover, remember to close the door turn cans, overturned due to a dangerous center of gravity moved.

4.Clutch boxes and vacuum pump power take power box, the engine idling and fully into the clutch pedal, slowly lift the clutch when the clutch pedal.

5.Special attention when driving car: take power box in the center of the lever.

6.Shall not be inhaled and transported by car oil and hazardous materials

7.In the raised state of the sludge can enter the tank bottom maintenance, support must be planned with safety stop.

8.Transportation of sewage, you must use hand after the door clamping device, because no anti-tank wave plate, the higher center of gravity, for which the vehicle must be in line speed and slow, not sharp turns and heavy braking.

In addition, drivers have to use suction sewage truck in the process, refer to the CSCTRUCK provide suction sewage truck maintenance and troubleshooting program. If you encounter any problems in the use of or questions, please ;contact after-sales service hotline, Tel: +86-722-3820688, we will do our best to serve you.