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8 Tips for Safety Driving Concrete Mixer Truck

8 Tips for Safety Driving Concrete Mixer Truck

Oct 29, 2019

8 Tips for Safety Driving Concrete Mixer Truck

1.    Before starting, each part of the mechanical system for the cement mixer should be checked carefully to confirm in good working situation.

2.     Before starting, the mixing stick for the concrete mixer should be on position.

3.     When starting, the stir the joystick on the position, put the barrel to the water.

4.     When loading, mixing stick of the transit mixer should be placed on position.

5.     Before delivering , the unloading mixer truck tank must be fixed in the position, to prevent swinging.

6.   Transit mixer truck joystick should be in the position after a brief stopover before moving to the next location.

7.  To do a good job of civilization construction, do not take away trash material casually Dumping barrel. After discharging, concrete mixer truck tube must be stirring, trough, roller and other parts for cleaning.

People into the concrete mixer barrel removed concrete agglomeration, the vehicle should be turned off, and unplug the switches keys, drum peripheral Guardianship.