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8 Tips in Operate the Bulk Cement Truck

8 Tips in Operate the Bulk Cement Truck

Oct 29, 2019

With the arrival of the peak of construction, recently more and more customers ask us to purchase bulk cement tanker. Indeed, the large tonnage bulk cement truck, convenient revolving by more and more customers. The spirit of the principle of all for customer service, we give our customers tell us about use of bulk cement tanker attention.


In the course of bulk cement tanker to 2MPa pressure tank body about a lot of pressure during the work, not easy to correct a security incident.


1.Bulk cement storage longer auto restart, you should start air compressor, air blowing 2-3 times, and record after the experiment is correct, then the cement shipment.

2. Bulk cement tank car is prohibited under a pressure feed port cover open, you must first hit the open valves, the pressure is recognized that the value is zero, no gas is let out of the trachea, before opening the feed port cover.

3. Note that the value of the pressure in the 0.196mpa, open the valve to the common ground the treasury (without joints) unloading of bulk cement, such as the need for pressure to be slightly lower.

4. The method is strictly prohibited by the brakes, increasing the amount of bulk cement loading truck.

5. When the loading of bulk cement, feed port to set the misplaced device, in order to avoid caking of cement, paper bags, cotton yarn and other foreign matter into the vehicle tank to cause difficulties when the unloading of bulk cement.

6. Pay attention to regular checks of air compressors, oil leaks, lack of timely and should be added to avoid compressor damage.

7. In the unloading of bulk cement, the operator should pay attention to changes in pressure gauge should not exceed the specified value (2mpa).

8. In the loading and unloading of bulk cement, bulk cement is prohibited around the car in the station without fixed duties.