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9 Tips to Use Crane Mounted Trucks

9 Tips to Use Crane Mounted Trucks

Apr 25, 2020

How to Use Crane Mounted Trucks

Cranes trucks have a myriad of uses from moving heavy objects to loading supply ships and hoisting equipment. That is why safe operation of these vehicles is critical. Operators must learn to use crane trucks properly and safely so costly accidents and serious injuries can be averted. Read on to learn more.

Instructions Things You'll Need:

Crane truck

Crane truck operator training and certification

Knowledge of crane truck operator hand signals

Ability to understand and use mathematical charts

Step 1

Attend a crane truck operator training or certification course. Visit the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)'s website ( to find out about programs available in your area.

Step 2

Learn how to manipulate the crane truck's boom using foot pedals and levers to rotate, raise and lower it.

Step 3

Know your crane truck's load capacity. If the load is over the limit, shut off the truck and lighten the load. Loads exceeding the vehicle's limits should not be moved.

Step 4

Have an adequate number of workers with the crane truck at all times. Each rig should have an operator, a crew member who is responsible for the machine's parts and a signal person.

Step 5

Ensure that your crane truck's outrigger is hooked up correctly to a firm base.

Calculate the correct counterweight. Use the mathematical formula based on the radius of the boom, the operating angle and the load's weight. Avert the possibility of your crane truck leaning frontward by positioning counterweights on the underside of the vehicle's cab.

Step 7

Mark all control buttons and switches with a label to indicate their function. Test each one to ensure it works properly, releases immediately and doesn't stick.

Step 8

Clear the crane truck's path of any obstacles and people prior to moving a load.

Step 9

Know the location and voltage of overhead power lines. De-energize the lines and erect insulated barriers before work starts. Establish a safe travel route and operate at a slower speed. If an operator has trouble seeing power lines or clearance while moving the crane truck a signal person should be on guard.