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Application of Water Spraying Truck

Application of Water Spraying Truck

Oct 25, 2020

Watering should be read carefully before using the manual. In strict accordance to the operation, is an important guarantee for good use of sprinklers.

1. On the water requirements

When the sprinkler use of rivers, ponds as water sources, pay attention to all ends of the suction pipe submerged. Stones or more to avoid inhalation of the sediment, floating debris, suction tube ends are generally equipped with filtration devices, water filtration devices are forbidden to be removed. If the water shallow, you need to advance some of the water at the deepened to ensure that does not contain debris and not into the air. Different sprinkler requirements for water pumps are different, water pump requirements cannot have impurities in the water, turbid water pumps require water cannot have too many rocks and sediment.

2. Add water

Before each suction centrifugal pump must be added to the water pump a certain amount of water, after adding additional outlets must be closed. Self-priming pump for the first-time use, the need to add water and, thereafter, no need for water.

3. Inlet pipe will need to vacuum

When the inlet water systems must maintain a certain degree of vacuum to suction the water box. Into the plumbing system must be sealed and reliable, hoses cannot be broken, the tube cannot have cracks or air leaks will produce, will result in the case of no water absorption.

4. Stop hanging files

Whether in the water before the sprinkler, or sprinkler before taking power devices linked files must be carried out in the parking.

5. Winter drainage

Before winter, should the water pump and vent pipes to prevent cracking. Winter in northern China is no longer the general construction, so the construction is completed, you immediately the water pump and drain pipes to prevent future trouble.

6.Sprinkler Notes

Lower front nozzle spraying position, close to the ground, spraying pressure, can be used to wash the road; position after the head is high (usually around the sprinkler head after the installation of a), spraying water is wide, can be used for highway construction watering, the use of After the nozzle, the nozzle should be closed before; with adjustable nozzle sprinkler, the sprinkler width can be adjusted. Sprinkler width is wider, the less overlap between the sprinkler density more uniform.

7. Lubrication and fastening

In the course of the drive assembly to periodically lubricate all lubrication points, often fastening connection point to ensure the normal use.

8. Periodic sewage

Green car storage tanks with sewage, the control of imports for the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, should be regularly open the outfall switch, the accumulation of debris inside the tank removed, until the water clears up.