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Basic Requirements for Modern Sanitation Vehicles

Basic Requirements for Modern Sanitation Vehicles

Nov 23, 2019

Basic Requirements for Modern Sanitation Vehicles

Sanitation vehicles, modern city development should meet the development needs of the city clean is an important symbol of modern civilization. To meet this requirement, the future development of sanitation should be the main vehicle to meet several conditions as follows:

1.  As sanitation vehicles, their emissions should give priority to meet the national and local emissions standards, sanitation vehicles in the transport process may not form a secondary pollution.

2. Sanitation vehicles to be able to overcome bad heart conditions of use and further improve the durability of vehicles, reduce the failure rate of the vehicle to improve the economic life of the vehicle.

3.  Sanitation vehicles as a special purpose vehicle, designed to develop a reasonable cost performance, further reducing the total mass of the vehicle, and low fuel consumption of engines, fuel-efficient in use should also pay attention to saving.

4.  Sanitation vehicles In addition, the sanitation environment is harsh working conditions of vehicles, hard, especially in hot summer temperatures as high as the cab about 50℃, which requires further improvement of the comfort of the vehicle, such as installation of air conditioning.

5.  Under the premise of ensuring the reliability should be further improved sanitation vehicles, the degree of automation, professional capacity, and transport capacity, but also to improve the level of multi-purpose vehicle on city streets frequently shuttle, how their appearance has a great impact on the city. Therefore, the overall design to make it have a beautiful shape. sanitation vehicles often travel the narrow streets and a complex road, there should be flexibility and a better steering capacity.