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Brief Introduction of Refuse Compactors

Brief Introduction of Refuse Compactors

Dec 18, 2019

Brief Introduction of Refuse Compactors

1, Garbage Truck Box

Compression type garbage truck box with the 4mm, 16Mn steel welded together, carriages the bottom of the channel is steel-reinforced foundation pieces of the installation of connections, china garbage truck ,but also push the board to bearing. Light maximizes cabinet space and reduce the structure of the effective center of gravity for model garbage trucks.

Carriages floor for the whole sealed structure, water erosion, and water carriages full tank of sewage spilled into the hopper body in order to avoid corrosion cabinet and chassis, and to avoid driving the process of sprinkling water to the roadside drain, effectively prevent secondary pollution.

2, The garbage filling device for garbage trucks

Garbage loading device, loading is controlled by a box-shaped frame, rails, curved hopper, scraper, skateboards, vacuum formed panels and light panels. Through the scraper tanks, oil tanks and vacuum plate skateboarding action in order to achieve the hopper into the rear compartment pressure within the material circulation function. On both sides with 8 skateboard wheel, a low friction coefficient, high strength, and can make micro-swing in order to ensure the long-term use of rail from wear and tear. Garbage truck capacity, garbage truck dimension, garbage truck manufacturer.

Loading device is also sealed inside the rear of the device, through the lifting cylinders, slip hinges and locking devices to achieve the open close the action. Garbage service .

Filling the bottom of the device with water tank, hopper cars inside the water and excess water are all within the effluent tank. When discharge of sewage effluent in the box or manual will be fully self-discharge.

3, Flip Agencies

According to user needs with the option turned barrels of agencies, institutions or dump flap body, which uses double-acting hydraulic cylinder and overturned, iron or plastic drum and then flip the process was the system locking, security, smooth forceful, reasonable structure .

Attention; the vehicle moves, the agency in a tilting state, so that normal traffic.

4, Rubbish compactor hydraulic system

refuse collector Hydraulic cylinder moves the car with quality gas path circuit controlled, air-way valve control cylinder, hydraulic cylinder multi-valve operation, hydraulic cylinder multi-valve control action. Operation is simple and reliable, but also with the direct operation manual hydraulic multi-valve, with a single bi-directional control of hydraulic systems.

refuse trucks Hydraulic system consists of fuel tanks and filtration systems, fuel pumps, multi-valve, one-way throttle valve, cylinder, tubing so on. Dynamics of the system from the engine through the PTO the power to separate the PTO driven gear pump work.

Refuse compactor Oil gear pump through the hydraulic oil filter in the hydraulic oil tank suction, multi-way valve (located outside the cab, the carriages front) oil. Multi-way valve work, refuse compactor truck, trash truck used trash trucks, new refuse trucks so that negative pressure plate cylinder, slide cylinder, scraper tanks, lifting, or push plate hopper tank movement produced tanks, hydraulic cylinder does not work, the hydraulic oil through the Multi-way valve directly back to tank.