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Bulk Cement Truck Cement Mixer Structure

Bulk Cement Truck Cement Mixer Structure

Oct 30, 2019

Bulk cement truck, also known as cement mixer, ash truck, it applies to fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder, alkali and other particles less than 0.1mm diameter powder dry materials in bulk transport. Is a bulk cement carrier in the industrial, agricultural, commercial, power plants, construction, etc. are widely used in special vehicles. (current customer requirements of bulk cement truck bulk cement and powder materials optional dual-drive systems discharging dual power source bulk cement truck).

CSCTRUCK bulk cement truck chassis by Category:


Bulk cement carrier main products are: State bulk cement truck, bulk cement truck Dongfeng tip, flat head 145 bulk cement truck, flat head 153 of the cement mixer, after the first four eight cement mixer, after the double Bridge cement mixer, Bridge, Bridge trailer bulk cement trucks.

To meet the cement, fly ash bulk transportation needs, Chu Sheng vehicle optimal design of bulk cement trucks and other specialized vehicles models. Chu Sheng bulk cement truck full absorption and utilization of mining the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, the original design and advanced technology and strict production process made of. Excellent match its vehicle dynamic reasonable, good economy, high reliability.

CSCTRUCK series of special purpose vehicles primarily for bulk cement truck fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder particle diameter less than 0.1mm powder dry material transport and discharge pressure, discharge height of up to 15m, the horizontal distance to 5m.

Bulk cement truck, cement mixer main structure and working principle Bulk cement truck cement mixer mainly by private vehicle for chassis, powder material grain tank, trachea road system and transmission system and other components.


Silt material from the cylinder assembly is mainly grain tank, tank top to the material inlet of the fluidized bed, the feed tube assembly, intake manifold and other accessories. For the straight cylindrical tank structure, and its production process quality, submerged arc welding tank forming a cylinder by a 5mm or 6mm rolled from high quality steel, with 6mm thick at both ends of the standard elliptical head, welded solid, with Overall, high strength, rigidity, pressure is good, with good performance characteristics. Two double-tank storage chamber structure, the width of the tank bed moderate, reasonable layout, which can effectively reduce the unloading time and increase the volume of the tank utilization, can effectively reduce the residual rate of powder material; in top of the tank with two or three to feed the mouth to feed mouth open manhole cover on the one hand feeding the tank the other hand, when the tank needs an overhaul to facilitate personnel access.


Bulk cement truck before and after the chamber, each with an intake manifold, through the valve can be opened separately for simultaneous and separate control functions. System works as follows: in the work force leads from the auto gearbox, gear-driven by air compressor, compressed air generated by the control line into the gas chamber, so that the tank have fluidized powder material phenomena. When the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa, open the discharge valve to achieve discharge.

CSCTRUCK special vehicle series of bulk cement truck cement mixer discharge modified clients optional dual-drive systems, (to achieve powder materials, double-acting source of bulk cement discharge) to change the current widespread use of dedicated automotive engine-driven air compressor pressure gas source, unload bulk cement powder material or traditional technology, automotive engine and electric motor powered air compressor double technical equipment. The test showed that the unloading of bulk cement by this device can save fuel and reduce transportation costs, extend engine life, and can speed up the discharge rate.