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Bulk Cement Truck Maintenance

Bulk Cement Truck Maintenance

Oct 30, 2019

Bulk Cement Truck Maintenance

CSCTRUCK recently received many new users of bulk cement tanker trucks are consulting to the daily maintenance and safety. CSCTRUCK Technology Ministry of design engineers put together a simple bulk cement trucks maintenance program, for reference.


l  Chassis: The chassis chosen by manual provisions.

l  Air compressors: air compressor manual by the provisions.

l  PTO: always pay attention to regularly check their lubrication, operating conditions, if any abnormal noise and remove its causes should be identified, should be checked once a year and wear gear bite, not speed run.

l  Air: the situation should always check the seal, and remove any leakage; always check to see the work of the valve, if the failure should be repaired or replace them; safety valve to ensure that open when the pressure is 0.2Mpa, not the tank pressure more than 0.2Mpa. <

l  Tank: the bulk cement tank weld regularly check whether there is leakage phenomena, such as this phenomenon is found, it is timely to repair welding.

l  Chamber: always check the chamber canvas, if the gas-tight or damaged by moisture, should be replaced; check whether the compaction pressure of the gas chamber, if air leak will affect the discharge effect, should be immediately removed.



l  Each feed port opened, you must first open the pressure relief valve, inlet valve exclude residual gas tank, so as to avoid injury accident.

l  Constant attention to pressure gauge is working properly, prevent occurrence of excessive pressure gauge malfunctioning tank explosion.

l  Often view the safety valve, ensuring starts at 0.2Mpa pressure relief, the body cannot make the pressure more than 0.2Mpa.

l  Often see running the table is working properly to avoid damage to the compressor and turn to take over power box.

l  Always listen to take power box and air compressor roll sound, if abnormal noise, immediately stop troubleshooting.