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Difference Between Cesspit Suction Truck and Sewage Suction Truck

Difference Between Cesspit Suction Truck and Sewage Suction Truck

Nov 14, 2019

Difference Between Cesspit Suction Truck and Sewage Suction Truck

Suction sewage truck and suction truck quality, cost-effective, sewage suction trucks and suction truck, different functions, manure and sewage sludge can be used to suction cleaning, but because of the difference in the two vehicles on the structure, resulting in specific use and price are very different.

Vacuum sewage pump suction sewage truck and the key components of the suction truck, produced by the vacuum pump working pressure difference between suction flow of dirt. Suction sewage truck with a circular tank, the tank back cover hydraulic opening, the entire tank can be hydraulic lifting or falling. Suction truck structure is relatively simple, oval-shaped tank, rear head seal is not open, use a vacuum pump to produce pressure sewage or gravity sewage.

Suction sewage truck to collect transit to clean up the transportation of sludge, sewage, new sanitation vehicles to avoid secondary pollution, sewage suction vehicle self-priming from the row, work speed, large capacity, easy to transport, suitable for collecting and transporting manure, mud, crude oil and other liquid substances. Domestic technology-leading suction sewage truck vacuum pump to the suction sewage truck, suction, suction away, especially suitable for pumping of sewer sludge, shipping and disposing of, especially, can suck the sewer mud, silt, gravel, brick blocks and other larger objects.

Suction truck suction and transport of feces and other sewage for urban and rural sanitation sector.

a.Applies suction feces, sewage, sludge, slurry and mixed with a liquid of small suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, small, medium and large industrial and mining enterprises, residential, schools, etc.

Suction sewage truck and the biggest difference in the structure of the suction truck, leading to use the difference between: a tank structure and shape of the influence of vacuum and suction of the suction truck suction sewage truck big.

b. suction sewage truck with hydraulic top open sewage structures, sewage efficiency and sewage better than.

c, suction truck vacuum pump pressure differential of sewage by the outfall location restrictions, large stones can not discharge cannot be used for the dredging work of the larger block.

d,the impact of the domestic habits of the north users suction sewage truck more South users to use more suction truck.


Suction sewage truck selection and classification: Suction sewage truck-specific features: special vacuum sewage pump suction sewage truck, widely used in water wells, inspection wells, precipitation wells and drains, sewage sludge, manure or petrochemical plants, sewage tank deposition material pumping, shipping unloading and row.

Tank dirt by the back cover dumping, has more suction than the suction truck, use a wider range of range of advantages. Suction sewage truck configuration and functions: suction sewage truck dedicated in part by the composition of the power take off shaft, vacuum sewage pump, pressure tank, the hydraulic part of the pipe network system, the vacuum pressure gauge, depending on the manure windows, hand-washing devices, vehicle configuration high-power vacuum sewage pumps and high-quality hydraulic system, the tank seal the first time in die-casting molding, the tank can be opened, double-top dump. With high vacuum (greater than the suction of the suction truck), large tonnage, high efficiency, more versatile features.

Product Description: This product can be widely used in the collection of city water wells, checking the sludge wells and drains, sewage or petrochemical cesspool deposition material pumping, shipping and disposing of. Tank dirt by the back cover dumping, used in large, medium and small towns sanitation, municipal, agricultural, chemical, industrial enterprises, residential property, and other departments.