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Change Fuel Filters on Semi Tractor

Change Fuel Filters on Semi Tractor

Mar 15, 2020

Replacing the fuel filters in your CSC tractor trailer is a quick and simple task. You will need to determine what type of diesel motor you are replacing the filters in. When you have determined the type of diesel, you will want to buy the filters from that distributor. Caterpillar filters will work best when used on Caterpillar motors. Call your local truck dealer and they will be able to provide the best filter for your diesel motor.

Replacing the Fuel Filters

CSC semitrailer Step 1

Open the hood of the CSC tractor truck by unsnapping the straps and pulling the hood toward you. You will notice two large filters on the driver's side of the motor.

CSC semitrailer Step 2

Remove the primary filter with a fuel filter wrench. Clamp the filter with the wrench and turn to the left. You can use a pair of large channel locks if the filter wrench is unavailable.

CSC semitrailer Step 3

Remove the smaller filter behind it. Be sure to remember which filter went to the front.

CSC semitrailer Step 4

Fill the new filters with diesel fuel. The filters need to be filled with diesel as the motor will not run till the filters are full.

CSC semitrailer Step 5

Lubricate the gasket of the filter with a dab of engine oil. Rub the oil around the gasket till the whole gasket is moist.

CSC semitrailer Step 6

Attach the new filters to the fuel assembly. Tighten till the filters are snug. The gasket will seal when tight.

CSC semitrailer Step 7

Crank up the CSC tractor truck. Let the CSC tractor truck run long enough to circulate the fuel through the lines. Run the engine for at least five to 10 minutes.