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Check This Article: What is a Concrete Mixer?

Check This Article: What is a Concrete Mixer?

Dec 18, 2019

Check This Article: What is a Concrete Mixer?

Mixer truck also known as concrete mixer truck, cement mixer, concrete transit mixer, mortar mixer. CSCTRUCK is construction equipment manufacturer supplying with ISUZU transit mixer, ready mix concrete mixer truck.

Concrete mixer truck concrete mixer transit mixer from the chassis and the composition of special transport unit. China's production of concrete mixer truck chassis vehicle manufacturers to use more general-purpose chassis provides two categories. It mainly includes, mixing tube before and after the stent, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control agencies, cleaning systems. Works, through the power of the device will take the momentum out chassis, and drive hydraulic system of the variable pump, the mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure to pass on quantitative motor, motor-driven reducer and then by the gear-driven mixing device for concrete to mixing.

Check This Article What is a Concrete Mixer

1. Mixer Trucks - PTO

Domestic concrete mixer truck for sale with the main engine PTO mode. Take the role of power plant to take power by manipulating the power switch out the engine, hydraulic system driven by the mixing tube, mixing the feed tube and transport in the process of being rotated in order to facilitate feeding and to mixing of concrete, in the discharge when the anti - to the rotation, at work and the engine cut off after the end of the power connection.

Check This Article What is a Concrete Mixer 6

2. Concrete Transit Mixer - Hydraulic System

Will be removed by the PTO engine power, converted to hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then through the motor output of mechanical energy (speed and torque), provide the impetus for the rotating mixing drum.

Concrete Equipment Cleaning System

3. Transit Mixing Trucks - Reducer

The hydraulic system, motor output speed after slowing down, passed to mixing tube.

Transit Mixing Trucks Reducer

4. Concrete Truck - Control Mechanism

Concrete Truck Control Mechanism

(1)Control mixing drum rotation direction, so that the feed and transport in the process of the forward rotation, out of material when the counter-rotating.

(2) Mortar mixer Control the speed of mixing tube.

5. Ready Mix Concrete Truck - Agitator

Ready Mix Concrete Truck Agitator

Mixing device mainly supported by the mixing drum and its auxiliary parts. HOWO, 8CBM, 9CBM, 10 CBM Concrete transit mixers concrete mixing drum is loaded containers, rotating blade when the concrete along the spiral direction of movement, in the continuous improvement and flip the process by mixing and stirring. In the entry materials and transportation process, the mixing tube is transferred, the concrete along the blade to the inside movement, out of material, the mixing tube inversion, the concrete along the blade outward unloading.

Leaves are the main component mixing devices, damage or severe wear will lead to uneven mixing of concrete. In addition, the blade angle, if the design unreasonable, but also to make concrete is segregation.

6. Concrete Equipment - Cleaning System

Cleaning system's main role is to clean mixing drum and sometimes also used for transit mixing drum to dry material. Cleaning system also played on the hydraulic system cooling effect.