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Compression Refuse Main Components Introduce

Compression Refuse Main Components Introduce

Oct 30, 2019

Compression Refuse Main Components Introduce


Compression garbage truck container with the 8mm, 5mm, 4mm, 16Mn steel welded together, both trunk bottom of the channel connected to the installation of steel structure of the basic parts, but also push the board to support. Light increases the maximum available space and reduce cabinet structure center of gravity.

Trunk floor is sealed and water erosion, water trunk full of sewage spilled into the bucket body box, cabinet and chassis to prevent corrosion and to avoid the process of moving the sewage spill to the drain side of the road, effectively prevent the secondary pollution.


Garbage Packers, Packers by the box-shaped frame, rails, curved hopper, scraper, slide, negative pressure plate and light panel composition. By scraper tanks, cylinders and vacuum plate skateboarding action in order to achieve circulation of materials in the hopper into the trunk of the function of pressure. Skateboard on both sides with eight rollers, low friction coefficient, high strength, and can be trace swing in order to ensure the long-term use of rail from wear and tear.

Packers is the rear compartment seals, through the lift cylinder, slip hinges and locking devices to achieve the opening and closing action.

Filling the bottom of the tank with the sewage, water and the interior of the excess water flows into the hopper of the sewage tank. When the discharge of sewage effluent in the box all by itself or can be manually discharged.


Optional according to user needs turning barrel body flap body or dump body with hydraulic double-acting cylinder flip, iron or plastic barrels and then locked by the system during the rollover, safe and stable forceful, reasonable structure .

Note; the vehicle moves, the agency reveal the state in order to facilitate normal traffic.


Hydraulic cylinder moves the car with quality gas control circuit, pneumatic valve control cylinder, hydraulic cylinder multi-valve operation, hydraulic cylinder multi-valve action. Simple and reliable, but also has direct operations manual hydraulic multi-valve, single-hydraulic system with two-way control.

Hydraulic system consists of tank and filtration system, pumps, multi-valve, one-way throttle valve, fuel tanks, tubing and other components. The power system from the engine will be powered by power take separate the power take off drive gear pump.

Gear pump through the hydraulic oil filters hydraulic oil tank suction, multi-way valve (located outside the cab, the front trunk) oil. Multi-way valve work, the negative plate cylinder, slide cylinders, scraper tanks, lift or push plate cylinder bucket cylinder generate action, hydraulic cylinder does not work, the hydraulic oil through the multi-way valve directly back to the tank.