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Concrete Mixer Truck Technical Parameters

Concrete Mixer Truck Technical Parameters

Dec 25, 2019

Mixer truck also known as concrete mixer truck, cement mixer, concrete transit mixer, mortar mixer. CSC is construction equipment manufacturer supplying with ISUZU transit mixer, ready mix concrete mixer truck.

Cement Mixer Vehicle

CSC brand special purpose truck digests all the advantageous possess by the counterpart industry domestically and world widely and specialized in outstanding virtue of technology, with amelioration and creation by times testing of feeding speed, outlet speed, mixing efficient, elastic limit in torsion, running performance , the products win good reputation in the counterpart industry and selling well around the world.

Hydromix Concrete Mixer Lorry

Concrete mixer consist with under-frame, stirring drum, transmission system( drive equipment), Hydraulic Drive System, water supplying system, concrete in/outlet system, discharge chute, operated platform, operation system, guard facility. The vehicle could meet different demand of different customers, chassis mounted with leading one from domestic and oversea. Oil pump, hydraulic pump, hydraulic slave, decelerator are selected leading manufacturers, especially, decelerator with Eton-USA, Bonfiglioli ITALY, etc, to ensure the excellent vehicle performance and safety insurance and reliable.

Ready Mix Cement Mixer Truck

Stirring Drum: The vehicle selected the common applied type and a Pear-shaped universal structure .And the water for clean this drum or should add water when in transportation could inlet from the head of the drum.

Batch Concrete Mixer Truck

Transmission system: drive power come from engine, power took by Power-Take-off in the back of engine, and transformed by the drive shaft to mixer motor, worked by the motor in mixer, through the decelerator take the mixer work and running.

Construction Mixer Truck

Concrete in/outlet System: charge and discharge section is the assistant device to co work with stirring drum.

Concrete Mixer Vehicle

Operation System: The brain controller of the whole mixer vehicle, there is typed slot in the operation plate, the space gaped for joy stick, and back part of the slot with spacing hole which for fixing the joy stick. The system controlling the running, reversal, rotated speed of the stirring drum by the right and left joy sticks placed on the back of the mixer vehicle, to finish a complete mixing procedure.

Batch Concrete Mixer Plant

Water Supplying System: The water supplying system used for cleaning the mixer tank and other devices, there are two type supplying systems, one with centrifugal pump, the other with pressure water tank supply optional for the customer.