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CSC Sewage Suction Truck Specification

CSC Sewage Suction Truck Specification

Dec 30, 2019

Sewage suction truck is a truck mounted with sump pump used for sucking sewage, cesspit emptier also called sewer suction truck, excrement suction truck, and vacuum cleaning trucks. Used by vacuum truck service stations.

Vacuum Sewer Truck Specification

Vacuum sewage suction vehicle, the new type environment sanitation applied vehicle, is an ideal and versatile system for the handling of sewage, sludge and slurry, industrial effluents (waste oil and chemicals) to protect the surroundings not be re polluted. The cesspit could be emptied from the tail of vehicle , advantaged with its high level of vacuum, super power of suction which more than the cesspit emptier, moreover, with extract ability of carrying , high efficient in performance and versatile uses.

Sewer Pump Truck  Technical Information

Sewer Vacuum Truck Catalog

Various kinds of chassis, cab over with line, super power of suction vacuum pump, seamless die casted shell cover, thickness designing for container which with high ability of pressure-resistance, double hydraulic jack system, more strength then Cesspit Emptier. Main used to collect sewage sludge and feces by environment section, especially for suck and empty contaminated water out of hollows such as cesspools and sewage tanks and carry it to a disposal point. Approach for emptying with pressure outlet and flow automatically. Gully emptier works efficiently, automatic suction and automatic outlet, especially it easy for operating. Suitable for town’s environment section to equipped.

 Vacon Sewer Trucks parameters

Sewer Tanker Truck information