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CSC Sprinkler Truck Technical Parameters

CSC Sprinkler Truck Technical Parameters

Jan 02, 2020

Sprinkler truck functionally divided as: irrigation sprinklers or garden water sprinkler, street sprinkling truck, water distribution, lawn sprinkler truck and fire sprinkler trucks. CSC is the water tanker truck manufacturer.

Water Spray Truck Specification

Sprinkler adopted the qualified Sort leading imported and domestic chassis, applied in sorts road for sprinkling, spraying, temperature reduction and dust dunghill removing, moreover, available for roads conserving, Landscaping, firefighting and drinking water transportation etc.

 Custom Lawn Care Spray Truck Parameters

The vehicle sprinkler system consisted of front irrigating (spouting), rear sprinkling, side showering works, elevated showering. Provided for rear foot platform equipped with high power adjustable spouting gun that rain formed of straight ,down pouring , moderate ,drizzle, spraying and also would use for crop-dusting. Parameters as: vertical section 7 M, Sprinkling range 14 M, Shooting 28 M. While such vehicle could be used for high pressure flushing, firefighting, motive pump station etc.

Spray Tanks for Trucks Technical Information