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Different Brand of Truck Mounted Crane

Different Brand of Truck Mounted Crane

Jun 26, 2020

Different Brand of Truck Mounted Crane



Crane (truck with crane) Official name: Truck mounted crane, which is widely used in municipal construction, mining engineering, landscaping and other infrastructure materials and other equipment, lifting and transportation. Crane can be so operation can be both positive and negative 360-degree rotation, can also be full rotation. The use of military-quality production, reliable quality, long life, work fast. Related models have 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons crane truck, 10 tons crane truck, 12 tons, 16 tons crane available , folding arm option arm or crane.


Crane (truck with crane) is a crane and chassis together a transport vehicle. By the lifting arm, turntable, racks, legs and other parts. By amplitude, stretching, turning, hoisting and other institutions of action to achieve Crane mechanical movement, through a combination of different actions to achieve the lifting operation.

Crane Operator Precautions

1, is well aware of their own vehicle, you must know his capabilities and limitations, and some of its unique operating characteristics.

2, should be fully familiar with the vehicle lift trucks and provisions of the operating manual.

3, should be fully familiar with lorry crane truck lifting map. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; to be able to calculate or determine the actual vehicle lift trucks and lifting capacity.

4, according to manufacturer requirements, regular inspections and maintenance of vehicle lifting and transport.

5, good work vehicle lifting and transport logs in the log records: all testing, maintenance and repair of transportation vehicle such as lifting a detailed record.

6, to find the load, fitted with locks, and find out the specific placement of the load. While the operator is not responsible for determining the load weight, but if he did not check with supervisors’ weight, then he should lift transport attendant and all consequences.

7, to consider all likely to affect the lifting capacity of the vehicle lifting and transport factors, and adjust the weight of hoisting.

8, know how to load on a cable equipped with the basic procedures, and ensure the implementation of specific operations.

9, members of the same signal to maintain good communication.

10, a smooth and safe operation of vehicle lifting and transport.

11, no one vehicle lifting and transport operation should be suspended, and its proper operation.

Truck crane truck components: the two types of chassis, containers and cranes three major components.

Truck crane truck-specific function: when the work rate of 7.180m, 950KG, the maximum radius (m): 7.180.

When the work rate of 5.630m: 1250KG; maximum lifting height (m): 9.4

When the work rate of 4.030: 1900KG; Crane weight: 1250KG

When the work rate of 2.000m, 4000KG, rotation angle (degrees): positive and negative 360 degrees

Maximum lift the quality of (KG) 4000KG; Crane The number: two telescopic arm

Maximum load torque (T. M): 8