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Dongfeng Ecological Class 3 Cummins Engine

Dongfeng Ecological Class 3 Cummins Engine

Oct 31, 2019

Dongfeng Ecological Class 3 Cummins Engine


YUCHAI, WEICHAI, DONGFENG CUMMINS engine plant and other domestic mainstream in China have launched their own 3 products, the use of a single high-pressure common rail pump and two different techniques.


Industry experts point out that, due to the engine electronic control devices involved in numerous engine and vehicle of the relationship will be more solid, more vehicle matching the workload, and time is longer. In this case, the vehicle manufacturers tend to reduce the model changes, selected a few of several engines.


Meanwhile, the notice requirements of environmental protection new car matched the vehicle inspection done before, but also makes the cycle complete vehicle matching be extended. In this situation, the vehicle manufacturers to control costs and reduce risks for consideration, prefer more mature in all aspects of the electronic control engine.


To Cummins, for example, the electronic control products, the introduction of the country 3 Cummins engine mature technology, the mainstream market in Europe and America has been quite some time the application for the vehicle manufacturers to provide a complete product. In customer service and maintenance, mature vendors have accumulated over the years from experience and improve the system: such as Cummins global service system to cover the Cummins engine electronic control platform for different applications in Europe and America, and may occur under different conditions fault diagnosis, anytime, any fault, as long as the Cummins fault diagnosis system of shared keywords, to find solutions to problems, greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance failure, end-user satisfaction is very high, making the vehicle manufacturers invested in new product development and more on the odds.


In addition to the mature stable platform, based on the Cummins engine electronic control global production, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Electronic Control the cost advantage is also more prominent: In accordance with the law of diminishing costs, the greater the output of a single product, the cost is also lower. And products for the local market more than the engine manufacturer, has advantages of global markets and global sourcing of new products of international manufacturers in the mass production cost has more advantages.


All along, Cummins is always higher product reliability and its relatively high price closely linked to the country to enter electronically controlled phase 3, the allocation of resources with Cummins to play out the cost advantage, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Electronic Control the products of other domestic manufacturers, the price gap will shrink taking a step forward, there are more users at lower prices to get better products and services, which also makes 3 Cummins engine to the engine in the State sector upgrading, in a more favorable position.


Industry, the introduction of new products, like the corners of the contest, instant winner has been fixed. State three electronically controlled engine popularity in the Chinese market, as is now facing the whole Chinese industrial upgrading is a challenge and an opportunity for the more mature technology and applications, with the cost advantage of global supply chain vendors, provide the majority of the expansion leading-edge opportunities.