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DONGFENG Garbage Compactor Truck Highlight

DONGFENG Garbage Compactor Truck Highlight

Oct 31, 2019

DONGFENG Garbage Compactor Truck Highlights


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The salient features of the garbage compactor truck

garbage compression garbage truck to collect the easy way:</strong> a change in city streets depositing of trash, dirty past of to prevent secondary pollution

high compression ratio, large load: maximum crushing pressure of 12 tons loading capacity is equivalent to same-ton row two and a half times of the non-compressed garbage. Workload Automation: Imported computer control system, all fill mounted row of unloading operations need driver operation, not only to reduce the labor intensity of the sanitation workers, but also greatly improve the working environment.

economy when the garbage compactor truck work of dedicated equipment, computer control system automatically controls the throttle.

double insurance system: the operating system with computer control and manual manipulation of the dual function to protect and improve the utilization of garbage compactor truck

the flip agencies the optional configuration with a trash bin(or bucket) of the flip institutions.