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Driving Habit Reduce Fuel Consumption

Driving Habit Reduce Fuel Consumption

Jun 23, 2020

Fuel prices continue to rise in all over the world, increasing the proportion of fuel expenditure in the operating costs of the freight industry. Therefore, fuel-efficient heavy-duty truck became the transport operators to make money an essential tool.

In recent years, heavy-duty truck fuel economy is more and more welcome by truck users, but at the same time, focus on vehicle fuel economy, some users while ignoring the more important factor for fuel-efficient.

With outstanding fuel economy of csctruck they have to understand the drivers of vehicles, maintenance vehicles, and the advantages of fuel-efficient models can be maximizing. Always attached great importance to the training of the pilot fuel-efficient operation.


one of the crucial data is the engine economic speed, all operations must focus on this value commence. If the vehicle speed and engine speed control in the economic context, not only the vehicle's power output is strong, while the most economical fuel consumption.


Not only directly reduce fuel consumption and, more importantly, is also the truck engine played a very good protection, so that the life of the engine to be extended. The long run, the driver saves a lot of maintenance costs.

First of all, do not let the truck engine run at full throttle, maximum torque speed (maximum torque speed out in the engine on the nameplate) following more than 30 seconds, otherwise it will shorten the special purpose vehicle engine overhaul interval, resulting in serious damage to the engine, and this situation maintenance will be considered to be the engine used improperly. Second, in any case, the maximum engine speed shall not exceed 2850 turn / points, exceeding the speed can cause serious engine damage.

The special purpose vehicle maintenance is critical Proper driving habits coupled with a fuel-efficient car, this mix must be able to get the fuel efficiency?

In fact, of which a link cannot be ignored, that is, maintenance of vehicles. Water, oil, antifreeze checked regularly added to replace the different grades of oil, according to the season. Three filters to be regularly checked to be replaced. These routine maintenances are indispensable.