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Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Use Maintenance

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Use Maintenance

Mar 10, 2020

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Use And Maintenance

Fire extinguishers, as its name suggests is a fire-fighting equipment, but most of the truck's fire extinguisher, will eventually be reduced to a rusty tin can and will only increase the body's weight and not have any effect. Small series in the hope that the Friends of the one card to use fire extinguishers and also to remind cardholders to understand the performance of the fire extinguisher and how to check for a rainy day

.daily inspection of the dry powder fire extinguishers

Truck equipped with a dry powder fire extinguishers, their internal fire extinguishing agent in nature is more stable. But also to avoid the crashing of the tank, and the brunt of the sun. Fire extinguisher also has its the pressure in the tanks will be reduced until it disappeared after storage for some time, this also means that your fire extinguisher on the truck is just decoration.

Proposed you card holders to maintain the pressure of a month or so check fire extinguishers; extinguisher pressure gauge three regions, the pointer points to said tank pressure: the pointer in the red zone, the pressure is too low; pointer in the Green Zone, said the pressure is normal; pointer in the yellow zone, the tank pressure is too high. In addition, the tank usually marked the validity period of the fire extinguisher Fire equipment sales department can be sent after the expiry re-filled, so that normal use

. the use of dry powder fire extinguishers

1,Truck equipped with a dry powder fire extinguishers, because of its size, the effect of initial fire fighting. With the most commonly used dry powder fire extinguisher in the truck to open the pressure of the Law, as follows:

2,A fire extinguisher referred to the appropriate location from the fire source, the first upside down several times, so that the barrel of powder loose. In order to prevent the fire extinguisher is mistaken on the pressure of the location will have a pin is, in the use of force pulled out.

3,dry powder fire extinguisher nozzle at the roots of the fire source and pushed down the pressure to the extinguishing agent will spray fire extinguishing.