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Eight Elements of Choosing Concrete Pump Truck

Eight Elements of Choosing Concrete Pump Truck

Nov 08, 2020

1. Concrete pouring element

Selection of concrete pump truck concrete work should be based on objects, characteristics and requirements of the maximum transmission distance, concrete building projects, the concrete pump line forms and comprehensive consideration the specific conditions of

2. Building type and structure of

The performance of random-type concrete pump varies choose the models take into account other than by entering the amount of concrete pouring outside, but also take into account the type of buildings and structures, construction, technical requirements, site conditions and the environment. Is usually selected the main performance parameters of concrete pump with the construction requirements should be consistent with or slightly larger, if the capacity is too large, then the utilization is low, too small, not only can not meet the requirements will accelerate the loss of concrete pump.


3. Construction of adaptive

Flexibility more than a concrete pump truck, and boom height of the higher pouring height and radius of the greater fabric, construction and adaptability are also stronger, should be selected on the construction of high concrete boom pump. Jib length of 28 ~ concrete pump truck is the TV towers on the market of products, accounting for about 75%. Long arm frame construction, concrete pump truck will be the main model. In addition, concrete pump truck by a car chassis bearing capacity constraints, boom height of over to increase when the cost of large construction site and are subject to space constraints, it is seldom use.

4. Construction Traffic

The number of used concrete pump, concrete casting according to the amount of stand-alone volume and the actual delivery time for calculation of construction operations. For those one-time large amount of concrete pouring of concrete pumping construction projects, except under the terms established, should have a certain amount of reserve. In addition, the annual output of 10 ~ 150,000 M3of concrete mixing station, need to equip two ~ three concrete pump.

5. Product Configuration

Concrete pump's performance in the selection should be a higher starting point. If the selection of high-value concrete pump truck, then the standards of their products also need to improve. Major component of the product quality, from the inherent quality to the appearance quality of high-value should be compared with the vehicle to adapt to.

6. Power Systems

Concrete pump truck with full hydraulic technology, all of the hydraulic pressure to consider whether the technology is advanced and how the quality of hydraulic vision. Because of its power from the engine, so apart from the engine's performance and quality, we must also take into account the performance of automobile chassis, bearing capacity and quality.

7. Operating System

Operation on the concrete pump with manual control systems, wired and wireless space-time method, the county control is convenient and flexible, wireless remote control can be long-distance operation, once the circuit failure, can use manual mode of operation.

8. After-sales service

Concrete pump truck as a special vehicle, because of the particularity of function, safety, mechanical properties, the manufacturer of after-sales service and spare parts supply should be requested. Otherwise, once an accident, not only affect the construction schedule, will be the production department can imagine the consequences.