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Engine Oil Consumption and Elimination Failure

Engine Oil Consumption and Elimination Failure

Oct 06, 2020

Technology engine in good condition, oil consumption is very small. If you consume too much, that has failed.

One cause of the malfunction

oil leak.

crankcase ventilation pipe blocked.

valve rod and valve guide wear.

valve stem oil seals worn or damaged.

When the piston rings installed anti

maintenance, so that oil fleeing into the combustion chamber.

piston rings stuck in the glue due to end, or piston ring groove wear serious.

improper selection of oil viscosity is too small.

add too much oil.

Second, the exclusion method

leak repair or replacement of parts.

Check the crankcase ventilation is good.

Check the valve stem and catheter clearance, if necessary, replacement of new products.

Check the valve stem oil seal wear and replace if necessary.

properly installed piston rings.

check the piston ring groove wear and the ring is freely rotating.

be selected by the factory oil.

standard filling oil.