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Engineer Advise You to Select Pump Truck

Engineer Advise You to Select Pump Truck

Dec 16, 2019

How to Select Concrete Pump

In recent years, the state infrastructure construction increased. Concrete machinery market has been rapid development, in which concrete pump in the growing construction markets play an important role in domestic hydraulic cylinder concrete pump has experienced something out of nothing, from weak to strong development process. Pump truck, VOLVO concrete pump truck, ISUZU concrete pump truck, With the market heating up, concrete pump manufacturers continue to emerge, different manufacturers, models of concrete pumps more and more products. CPU facilitate their devices; the face of another person dazzling concrete pump market, users should be how to identify its performance? Cut in every respect in order to buy into inexpensive high-quality and high-performance concrete pump? The following have explored.

Start from the technical parameters. Typically, a concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: transportation displacement, outlet pressure, electrical power and distribution of valves form. In accordance with the new national standards, several key parameters from the model on the concrete pump can be informed. Below to HBTS60-13-90-type concrete pump, for example on its behalf of significance. Pump truck for sale, concrete pump truck, concrete pump trailer, truck mounted pump HB - concrete pump of the pinyin initials T - delayed-type concrete pump S - distribution of valves for the S-shaped swing pipe valve (D, said butterfly valve, Z, said gate valve) 60 - Maximum theoretical throughput, m3 / h 13 - concrete pump outlet of the maximum pressure, MPa 90 - motor power, kW according to the labeling of the outlet pressure levels, is divided into low-pressure pump (5MPa), medium-pressure pump (6-10MPs) and high-pressure pump (10MPa); according to the maximum throughput per hour, it ranged from 20-100m3, and most of the concrete pump can be achieved two tranches of variable displacement or non-level variable. > 37 M concrete pump truck, used concrete pump truck, concrete trailer pump.

Users should be based on the actual needs of the project, according to a high degree of transmission distance, choose the outlet pressure; according to the capacity of mixing feed, select the amount of the output side of the range; pumping concrete aggregate according to the situation, choose the form of the distribution valve. Butterfly valves on the aggregate of the adaptability of the best, but the change to swing a larger cross-sectional area is suitable for low and medium voltage level of concrete pump is suitable for infrastructure; S-shaped tube placed in the pressure valve in the pumping process loss of small, concrete flow channel smoothly, but under the diameter of the restrictions on aggregate demand high, suitable for medium and high-pressure pump is suitable for high-rise buildings and concrete, higher-quality long-distance, high-lift transport; valve performance and S between butterfly valve, between the medium-pressure pump used more often. Trailer concrete pump.


A concrete pump motor power is to determine the amount of outlet pressure and delivery side a prerequisite for the motor power of certain circumstances, the pressure to reduce the amount of increase will make the transfer; on the contrary, lower outlet pressure, will make throughput In order to ensure concrete pump have both a larger throughput, but also a certain degree of outlet pressure and the matching of economic power, in the concrete pump's design, mostly adopt the constant power piston pump; that the value of constant power is selected, when the outlet pressure increases, the pump automatically reduces the output displacement to achieve with the power of the design corresponding value; If we want to achieve a high outlet pressure, but also want the purpose of conveying large quantities. The only way is to increase the motor power. Thus, in the new national standards, citing the ability to pump the concrete index of concepts (in MPa & m3 / h as the unit of measurement); that the actual concrete pump outlet pressure and the actual throughput per hour, the well-behaved product, the value the more large, the greater its capacity index, the electrical power will be greater, thus achieving large displacement, high-lift purposes. Many manufacturers in the design, also features a high-low voltage switching capabilities designed to meet the different construction requirements, in the economic state, but also have a greater transport capacity, or the same motor power, resulting in a higher outlet pressure . Still HBTS60-13-90, for example, when it is at the maximum throughput >63m/3h, the outlet pressure of 7.7MPa, low-pressure large displacement enables the rapid pumping, when the switch throughput >37m3 / h, the largest export pressure of 13MPa, can realize high-pressure small-displacement high-lift, long-distance transport. To concrete pump outlet pressure to achieve high grades, while there are great transport capacity in the absence of sufficient electrical power, which is not simultaneously be achieved.

To see concrete pump components configuration

Pump: Concrete pump hydraulic pump is the heart, according to different origins are domestic and imported hydraulic pump hydraulic pump to the other; according to the structure of the form of hydraulic gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps distinction. For the same form of pump suitable for the different pressure levels. Gear pump due to low cost, adaptability, at the initial stage of the concrete pump is widely used, but because of their relatively small pressure, pulse resistance to large, usually deployed in low-pressure pump, or only in the high-pressure pump of the auxiliary hydraulic system; Piston Swashplate points and oblique axis, because the pressure to adapt to a wider area, currently being widely used. Such as the Hydraulic Machinery Factory produced Jiajiang HBTD40-6-55-type low-pressure concrete pump, the main hydraulic pump on the use of German Harvey's V30D swashplate piston pump, high-grade components to configure and upgrade the quality of the machine . Imported hydraulic pump, such as Germany Rexroth the company's A4VG, A10VG, A11VG series of products and place Kawasaki's K3V, K5V swashplate piston pump, is a world-class products. Domestic Angle Plunger Pump in Guiyang Guizhou Liyuan Hydraulic represented A7V, A8V piston pump series is made of fine, quality, relative . Therefore, the grade from the use of hydraulic pump, you can peep a concrete pump reflected in overall performance.

Hydraulic Valves: Hydraulic pump hydraulic valve is assistant, including the sequence valves, pressure reducing valve, valve, unloading valves, one-way valve and switching valve. Chinese-made valve, unloading valve with Shanghai Lixin, Beijing, China and Germany products Jiaoyou, but in the order of valve, reducing valve and other technical difficulties can be a high requirement on the valve in order to use Germany Harvey, Rexroth, Eaton, Italy Atos (Atos), Japan's world-renowned brands such as oil research better, it will give the concrete pump performance, the availability protection. If a hydraulic valve failure, it will affect the whole machine moves; so choose concrete pump, not only to look at the heart but also by his assistant to achieve optimal configuration.


Electrical component. Concrete pump on contact with electrical components, circuit breakers, relays, etc., which moves according to logic program to control the work-related components. Domestic electrical component in the price although the dominant, but can be * and life expectancy or joint-venture brands of imported components, quality still a gap. Schneider contactor, such as France, Germany, Siemens circuit breakers, Japan, Omron small relays, are similar products in the crowd. In order to reduce the electrical contact caused by multiple failures, present, some manufacturers have the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) applied to the concrete pump, the electrical system so that it reduced the mechanical contact to a minimum. The application of PLC to realize non-contact process control, and easy to automate the remote control, fault detection with the microcomputer program to prepare to show cause of the malfunction to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the system. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the brand and service from a concrete pump the hardware configuration options, but also analyze its software level: if the brand's production history, R & D strength, service capabilities and so on. Regular large-scale enterprises in the R & D capabilities, quality assurance, after-sales service and spare parts supply, there is a better performance, enable users to remove the worries. Groups such as the Water Works Department of the seventh one HB30-type & Jiajiang pump in the use of 21 years later, the factory was still able to provide sufficient spare parts, is a typical example.


To sum up, buy concrete pump, not only have to select brand, select properties, select grade components, but also the manufacturer of the R & D capabilities, production history, but also depends on their service levels and product cost-effective.