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Expressway charged by weight or by axles? What do you think?

Expressway charged by weight or by axles? What do you think?

Jun 28, 2020

Is the expressway charged by weight or by the number of axles? What do you think?


Since the resumption of highway tolls on May 6 this year, car riders have never stopped discussing highway tolls. We all know that highway tolls used to be charged by weight, but now they are charged by axle. The weighted tolls of the previous year raised the standard for heavy trucks, and this year's axle-based tolls have raised the standard for empty trucks." This is really straightforward. Let's analyze it together.


Whether to charge by weight or by number of axles, riders express their opinions and opinions. Some people say that the weight by weight is the most reasonable, and some people say that the charge by the number of axles is the most reasonable. Looking closely, it is not difficult to find that for blue-label vehicles, highway tolls are reduced, but for yellow-label vehicles, highway tolls are increased, but in the transportation industry, there are more yellow-cars than blue-cars. So, what are the future changes in the freight market for such charging standards?


The proportion of empty cars on the highway will decrease

Toll-by-axle means that whether it is empty or heavy, only charges according to the number of axles, then this is a bit unfair for empty cars, some long-distance truck drivers will try to keep the vehicle full load, so that it can maximize to improve their profits to a certain extent, but for some special car delivery drivers, there is nothing they can do. Especially for four-axle special models such as mixer trucks and feed trucks. Manufacturers are not willing to increase freight rates. Drivers also have troubles.


In the long run, the truck logistics industry will be significantly affected

Toll collection increases the toll of large trucks, but the freight does not increase in a short time, the profit of truck drivers will be greatly reduced, the work enthusiasm will be greatly affected, and malicious competition in the freight market will increase. The impact on the entire transportation industry is also great.


After the toll recovery on the expressway, the traffic volume of the national highway has increased a lot, especially for large semi-trailers, containers and other vehicles. The toll increases and the freight does not rise. In the face of this situation, the truck driver is caught in the middle and can only open up new paths to change Take the national road, but the national road conditions are complex, and the driving speed is relatively slow, driving safety will be affected.


In fact, what kind of method is adopted for highway toll collection is also a problem that is difficult to adjust. In any case, it is best to consider the interests of the people as much as possible.