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FAQ for Vacuum Sewer Truck

FAQ for Vacuum Sewer Truck

Nov 08, 2020

Question 1: How much does it cost for a cleaning sewage suction truck?

Answer: The price of a sewage suction truck is mainly determined by its volume and brand. Different brands of sewage suction trucks have different prices, and the prices of sewage suction trucks with different volumes are also different.


Question 2: What brands of sanitation suction trucks are there?

Answer: There are many brands of sanitation sewage suction trucks. The most common brand is Dongfeng sewage suction trucks. There are also other big brands that are also very good, such as ISUZU sewage suction trucks, Foton sewage suction trucks, JAC sewage suction trucks ,FAW Sewage suction trucks and so on.


Question 3: Where are small sewage suction trucks sold?

Answer: There are many manufacturers of sewage suction trucks. If you want to find a professional, it should CSCTRUCK in Suizhou, Hubei, because Suizhou is China's "special vehicle capital", you are right to buy sewage suction trucks from CSCTRUCK.


Question 4: What is the difference between a sewage suction truck and a fecal suction truck?

Answer: The difference between the sewage suction truck and the fecal suction truck is that the rear door of the sewage suction truck can be opened 90 degrees to dump the sludge. However, the fecal suction truck does not have a back door, and only has one discharge port. Because of the different materials loaded The function is also very different, of course the price is also different.


Question 5: Is a vacuum pump or a Ring pump better for the sewage suction truck?

Answer: This generally depends on the region. The South uses more water circulation pumps, and the North uses more vacuum pumps.


Question 6: How much is a small sewage suction truck?

Answer: The price of a small sewage suction truck is determined by its configuration and brand, which means that different brands of sewage suction trucks have different configuration prices.


Question 7: Why is the tank of the sewage suction truck collapsed?

Answer: The collapse of the tank body of the sewage suction truck may be a material problem, or there may be no liner in the middle of the tank body.


Question 8: What are the advantages of small sewage suction trucks?

Answer: The small sewage suction truck can enter the narrow residential area at will, which is convenient and quick.


Question 9: Can the sewage suction truck be shared with the fecal suction truck?

Answer: No, the sewage suction truck can suck feces, but the fecal suction truck cannot suck dirt.