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Mobile Fuel Tank Truck Fuel Dispenser Maintenance

Mobile Fuel Tank Truck Fuel Dispenser Maintenance

Nov 11, 2019

Mobile Fuel Tank Truck Fuel Dispenser Maintenance


1, Not the tanker in two additional branch pipeline.

2, Not two oil tankers together a branch oil pipeline, special circumstances can be added only after the branch with a check valve oil.

3, Oil tanker pipe flange is not allowed to use oil and rubber mats.

4, The new pipe installed, the tube should be washed clean of sediment and debris into the oil debris to avoid damage to machine parts; and subject to stringent leakage test pressure after the installation of the tanker is not recognition, not to avoid measurement standards and lead to disastrous consequences for the use of oil spills.


1, Machine oil and gas separator pump-dispenser built with filters, it is felt by the copper mesh and nets composed of a triangular side wall separator can remove the filter cover. Combination of pump-dispenser installed in the filter inside the inlet. Submersible pump-type dispenser installed a special filter cartridge, open the cover to remove the filter. Filters should be regularly (at least once a month) with clean copper mesh cloth cover petrol, damage should be replaced, and clear the dirt inside the oil to protect the pump and flow meter.

2, The machine pumps and combination adjustment screw on the pump relief valve to adjust the pump pressure, thereby regulating the emission fuel tanker. The factory has been adjusted. The long-term use, such as oil dropped, can the adjustment screw to tighten in order to increase the pump pressure, but not more than 0.3MPa, the row of oil meet the requirements.

3, The combination of pump-dispenser is only suitable for underground tanks, such as the use of high-oil tank, exhaust pipe Mao You phenomena occur, then be sure to exhaust pipe blocked.

4 To avoid when using oil gun oil pipeline hit by the injection gun oil containers, push switch, which do not operate normally, so as to avoid damage to the oil gun, causing oil spills. Regularly check and tighten the injection tubing on the Screw, to prevent the injection tubing roots loose, damaged.

5, Underground storage tanks be cleaned regularly to keep oil clean.

6, The machine accuracy of the adjustment, should be tanker measurement verification regulation the relevant provisions.

7, Repair parts must be cut off electrical power, should not have charged an overhaul. Do not open when the explosion-proof boxes Explosion-proof surface damage. When re-install the dust proof chamber foreign body should be clean, cable seal should be good, metal pads, gaskets cannot be lost, no shortage of the number of screws, tighten reliable explosion-proof electrical components to ensure performance.