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Fuel Tanker Truck Accident Prevention

Fuel Tanker Truck Accident Prevention

Nov 01, 2019

Fuel Tanker Truck Accident Prevention

Oil loading equipment does not meet specifications, equipment failure, leak, electrostatic discharge and misuse is a truck man-made fires in the main tank. Based on learned to ensure the safety car from the oil tank truck-mounted the following aspects.

(1) Static grounding cannot be ignored. Tank truck from the car point of view, the main production site is the electrostatic pumps, filters and pipes. Tank truck filling system, static electricity is much higher than the ground pipes. The information reflected: If a long 250m, 100mm diameter, underground pipes to 2500L/min flow pumping oil, from the fuel charge out of the general gun only, but after a tank car is more than the amount of charge, which mainly produces static electricity filters in the tank car, so if the car is not grounded to the tank car loading and unloading operations, tank body can take more than 10kV voltage; So for static problems, must take the following measures: oil loading ground wire connected before and in good condition and regularly check their compliance with anti-static grounding resistance standards. mounted crane pipe must be extended beyond its borders when the oil tank bottom, the bottom of the nozzle from the tank should be maintained at around 15cm, and strictly control the filling velocity at 1m / s or less, until the oil port was gradually increased after immersion velocity, but The maximum flow rate shall not exceed 4.5m / s, to prevent splashing accidents caused by static electricity, After loading of oil, the oil must be stable to break ground after 5min. Because the oil installed, due to oil flow in the tank, resulting in surface voltage will also keep a few years.

(2) Cannot because there is good ground and relax their vigilance. Static grounding and its close connection can only lead to go the (metal, body, conductive fluid, etc.) on the static, and for the isolation of the conductor is not connected and non-conductor (oil, rubber, resin, glass, etc.) on the electrostatic charge is helpless or difficult to lead than in a short time; Therefore, the operator in the static ground at the same time, it should strictly follow the rules and work and pay attention to the hidden dangers that may arise at any time, to get the exact same deal with emergency incidents methods and rescue measures.

(3) TO prevent persons charged. In the loading and unloading operations, the body of work is bound to the object (car tank car), working in contact friction material, which will easily produce static electricity, and may cause electrostatic discharge, if the oil at this time flammable vapor occurs explosion. During operation the operator must wear anti-static anti-static clothing and shoes, its purpose is to ground the human body. In addition, the. The shoes should be as thin nylon socks, socks or other conductive, non-sole in anti-static insulating film on the paste, and should be checked regularly.

(4) Conversion loading oil, caused the accident should be paid. The accident occurred mainly in the car with a loaded tanker had the time to install diesel, gasoline's flash point less than diesel, if injected into a diesel tank containing gasoline vapor, the gasoline vapor to be dumped into the diesel due to fluid absorption decrease the pressure inside the tank along with the air being inhaled, and in the liquid surface and the air suction point somewhere between the flammable mixture is formed, the event will lead to accumulation of static electricity discharge explosion. Therefore, the need to convert oil loading, when the gasoline tank must first be cleaned, and strictly follow the rules for operation.

(5) Must meet the technical specifications and safety requirements for equipment. Hair oil station automation, remote control, measuring instruments, valves and other equipment, must be regularly tested and calibrated, and the development of relevant management systems, especially for hair oil equipment, material can not be taken lightly. Crane tube prohibited the use of hair oil polyethylene hoses do not conductive pipeline, loading and unloading of oil are forbidden to use plastic containers. These are basic safety knowledge. The same time, static grounding device can not make do, we must act in strict accordance with specifications, to install the regular inspections. Widespread use of the current grounding clip and magnetic connectors should not be casually caught in or adsorbed on the tank car free area, even in the paint surface. This is a very bad anti-static, but also a big risk.