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Fuel Tanker Truck Maintenance Memo

Fuel Tanker Truck Maintenance Memo

Nov 11, 2019

Fuel Tanker Truck Maintenance Memo

1. Automobile chassis and engine parts and maintenance, by truck manual execution.

2. Pump use and maintenance, strict implementation of its maintenance manual.

3. Refueling and maintenance, according to their instructions should be implemented.

4. Should be kept apart and wash the filter.

5. Tanks and piping systems should be regularly cleaned.

6. Safety valve should be inspected regularly and cleaned.

7. Regularly check whether the pipeline system at the connection of the connection good and reliable sealing.

8. After each job should be to pull the ball off the handle.

9. Valve generally not in a semi-open state, so as not to damage the seal seat.

10. Every time the work is completed, should be promptly covered with imports and exports outside the end cap (plug cap), oil hose ends (plug cap).

11. Oil loading should not exceed the rated load quality. (translated by fuel density).

12. Driving force me before taking off to file.

13. Refueling vehicle operation, you must use the conductive rod into the wet land, and fly to chain should be grounded, should always be maintained during the operation to guide static electricity is good.

14. Refueling a vehicle, you must take to chain take place.

15. Refueling truck operations, should check whether the oil pipeline system, the grounding line is disconnected, the exhaust pipe is damaged, that the issue should be resolved before further operation.

16. Not allowed to refuel the car with a metal percussion parts, in order to avoid sparks, do not have jobs should pay attention to Mars, the amount of oil when the relevant provisions should be implemented.

17. Refueling two vehicles normally equipped with fire extinguishers, the use of personnel should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, in accordance with its inspection and maintenance instructions.

18. When the need to enter the tank to work, attention should be well ventilated, cans to be some protection.