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Garbage Compactor Truck Will Trend The Garbage Truck Market

Garbage Compactor Truck Will Trend The Garbage Truck Market

Nov 07, 2019

Garbage Compactor Truck Will Trend The Garbage Truck Market

Garbage compactor truck, garbage compression truck salient features:

The garbage collection truck method is simple change in city streets dirty to revive the depositing of trash, to prevent secondary pollution.

High compression ratio, large load: maximum crushing pressure of up to 12 tons loading capacity is equivalent to the same-ton row two and a half times of the non-compressed garbage.

Operations automation: the use of imported computer control system, all filled rows of unloading operations need the operation of the garbage compactor truck driver, not only to reduce the labor intensity of the sanitation workers, but also greatly improve the working environment.

The economy when the work of dedicated equipment, computer control system automatically controls the throttle.


Garbage compactor truck also named rear load garbage truck, refuse collector truck used for waste management. Among the garbage truck manufacturers CSC is the lead refuse truck produce company.

Garbage compactor is applicable for carrying & loading rubbish or garbage mostly, moreover, adequate for transporting sands, lime, stones soil various kind of construction material in bulk, and is available used to carry coal and ore in mines or diggings. Besides, the vehicle is widely applied in Environmental Sanitation, Town Planning, Enterprise, Property Residential quarter, cells where garbage are massed.

Garbage compactor fully sealed up, self compacting and dumping garbage automatically, is consisted of three primary parts, sealed garbage Compartment, Hydraulic system, Operating system, and lifting oil cylinder. It ensures the sewage would flow in the compartment completely that avoid of re-pollute during the transportation. Its main parts are introduced from overseas, provide for high compacting pressure.