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JMC Technical Performance for High Altitude Truck Owners

JMC Technical Performance for High Altitude Truck Owners

Nov 14, 2019

JMC Technical Performance for High Altitude Truck Owners

JMC aerial vehicles using JX1060 chassis, double five, air conditioning, diesel supercharged engine, the main boom lifting about a ton of installed device (with hook telescopic boom, built-in hoist).

2, security configuration aerial vehicles: emergency switch, limit travel switch, two-way hydraulic lock, balance valve, showing the wide lights, installed on the vehicle chassis, Vice beam, so that reasonable force vehicle, sturdy and durable.

3, the emergency system should be able to guarantee the safety of aerial work operations return to the ground.

4 Aerial work arm should be a triple-arm, bucket can accommodate two people working simultaneously.

5, the car, under the two operating systems work on fighting on and transforms can complete a variety of job actions.

6 individually adjustable legs, according to operating ground environment, adjust each leg individually.

7, rolling and rotating motion can be realized inorganic speed, rolling and rotating speed of movement can be achieved by zero to maximum. The vehicle in the job process is smooth, workers more security and comfort.

8, the car, the lower the operating table should be equipped with operating lights, additional work should be a bucket on the headlights for night operations to use.

9, the vehicle hydraulic system hydraulic components: Multi-way valve on and off conversion, multi-way valve on the train, get off the special outrigger valve, two-way balancing valve, check valve, relief valve, hydraulic locks, oil filter, hydraulic table , seals and other products must be imported, requiring sealing, long life, maximum load, no leakage of the hydraulic system, oil temperature normal, continuous movements, the system running smoothly.

10, the car control valve upper arm, lower arm control solenoid valve, the arm control valve, rotary control valve, control valve lift, telescopic boom control valve, and all other imported parts used in Europe and America.

11, rotary motors, hydraulic mechanism of electrical connectors must be imported brands, smooth running, fretting good.