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High-Pressure Cleaning Truck Dredge Vehicles

High-Pressure Cleaning Truck Dredge Vehicles

Nov 16, 2019

High-Pressure Cleaning Truck Dredge Vehicles

Sewer integrated maintenance tanker introduction, sewer integrated maintenance tanker description of sewer integrated maintenance tanker technical parameters and performance.

The sewer integrated maintenance tanker design and reasonable structure, excellent performance, flexible and easy to operate, the main component parts used in all common standards at home and abroad, and easy maintenance. Main power take off system, transmission system, water system, hydraulic system, hose reel and the operating system through the high pressure pump and water storage tank through a high pressure hose back from the high-pressure nozzle holes emit high-pressure water, the use of the reaction force of the water so that the nozzle to drive the hose to automatically enter the depths of the sewers, so as to achieve wash, clear the sewer sludge, debris and other purposes, is ideal for municipal, chemical, machinery, metallurgy, electric power and other sectors of high efficiency irrigation equipment .

1.       The main technical parameters for sewer integrated maintenance tanker:

l  The selection chassis Dongfeng DFL1160BX (authentic the steam chassis)

l  The engine the model EQB160-10

l  Engine power 118kw100 km fuel consumption of 18L

l  Wheelbase 3950mm

l  28 deg the largest climbing degree

l  Maximum speed of 90km / h

l  Minimum turning diameter of 16m

l  High-pressure pump Model MS45-1800rpm (Italy imported pump)

l  Loaded quality 8m3

l  Pressure of 15-19Mpa

l  Flow of 8m3 / h

l  Hose length of 60m

2.       The main technical characteristics:

l  The basic model of the truck (chassis) Dongfeng quality products, configuration of Sino-US joint venture to produce the Cummins engine was a leading position in the same type of domestic products in the same type of technology. Hydraulic power steering, ride comfort, vision, flexible operation. sewer integrated maintenance tanker brake Air brake effectively to ensure traffic safety; lubrication system layout is reasonable, convenient maintenance; 3.6 t front axle, rear axle 9 tons, to effectively meet the needs of the carrying capacity; tank oval design and overall the sub framework structure, with the U-shaped bolts and the skid plate combination, safe and reliable installation, with sufficient strength and stiffness.

l  The volume of the sewer integrated maintenance tanker, water storage capacity, you can conduct continuous dredging and reduce the number of add water to save fuel.

l  Work pressure, and clear the better.

l  Turntable can be rotated 180 degrees, operating in the main road, the car parked on the sidewalk to clear the long-distance.

l  Selection of sandwich power take off at full power output, low noise, power take off to open the pneumatic operation, reducing the operator's labor intensity.

l  Tank materials 4mm steel plate, head selection of paste made of 5mm steel plate, this sewer integrated maintenance tanker's oil pump, motor oil, a multi-way valve are made of domestic brand-name products. Three links, high pressure distribution valve core (key parts) made of stainless steel, the sealing effect and the pressure is more than three times that of ordinary cast steel ball valve. Pressure hose selection of Guangzhou Tianhe products (double), and its compressive strength than double that of the input pressure, enhance the security of the operating process. Bilateral access door with a senior aerospace industry owned factories shutter doors, both for the convenience of the operation, maintenance and repair, and improve the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The sewer integrated maintenance tanker operation cover spring cylinder control.

l  Vehicles equipped with high-pressure nozzle to pick up only, according to the different pipes and the pressure required to choose to match with the nozzle. In order to facilitate the construction personnel to operate each nozzle, respectively Seal number and use of pressure.

l  The tank of the sewer integrated maintenance tanker and metal accessories were coated with phosphate treatment, spraying polymer anticorrosive primer and metal finish, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance and film uniformity, bright colors lasting improve the aesthetic appearance, able to withstand wet, dusty, salt spray and other adverse environments, use the five-year period will not crack, peeling, fading and other problems.