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High Pressure Water Jetting Truck

High Pressure Water Jetting Truck

Apr 06, 2020

The best tool used by professionals in the plumbing industry is the high pressure water jetter. A water jetter or also called water blaster is used to completely clear drainages and other surfaces of any clogs or blockages. This tool has a nozzle that allows water to blast freely. It consists of major parts such as: hose line, nozzle, drive, pressure generator, safety devices and measurement devices.

High Pressure Water Jetting Truck

Its ability to flash or blast water depends on the nozzle used. The water pressure may also vary depending on its usage. Low pressure water jetters have water pressure less than 5000 psi. But the ultrahigh-pressure water jetter has water pressure above 25,000 psi. This is used for huge cleaning tasks.


A water jetter is very useful in many ways. It can be used to clean building walls, concrete surfaces, patio, drains and sewers, manholes and even road surfaces. Ultrahigh pressure jetters can be used to cut through steel. This should be handled by skilled professionals only.


You can save more money by using a high pressure water jetter compared to other means of cleaning. And because of its high pressure, it can minimize the reoccurrence of blockage in the near future.


There are many types of water jetters on the market. Be sure to follow safety measures when using this high pressure technology. If you don't want to do the cleaning, you can hire a water jetter professional that will do the cleaning for you. With a high pressure water jetter, your sewer and drain problems will be solved.